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EMC opens roadmap kimono

ComputerWire, 10 Jun 2002

IBM goes vertical on WebSphere integration

ComputerWire, 10 Jun 2002

HP announces HP-UX 11i for Itanium 2

ComputerWire, 10 Jun 2002

China overtakes Taiwan as world's hardware workshop

ComputerWire, 10 Jun 2002

Micron to Hynix: you don't call, you don't write

ComputerWire, 10 Jun 2002

First people injected with ID chips, sales drive kicks off

The 'barcoding' of people has quietly begun rolling out in the US, via Applied Digital Solutions' VeriChip, which has its genesis in Digital Angel. Last month the "historic chipping of the Jacobs family" took place, with a total of eight people having a unique identifier injected under their skin, and last week Digital Angel began a consumer launch of chipping technology with a series of 30 minute commercials on some US cable channels.
John Lettice, 10 Jun 2002

AMD's Thoroughbred out of the stalls

AMD today launched the long-awaited AMD Athlon XP 2200+, the first CPU with the cooler Thoroughbred core. And it has named two big OEMs - HP in the US, and Fujitsu Siemens in Europe - as customers.
Drew Cullen, 10 Jun 2002

Orange tops mobey ops list

Orange is the most reliable mobile phone operator in the UK, according to telecoms watchdog Oftel.
Tim Richardson, 10 Jun 2002

UMAX steps up US scanner scam

UMAX US is continuing its full-frontal assault on the intelligence of its American customers.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Jun 2002

Azlan buys Horizon's training biz

Azlan is beefing up its training arm with the acquisition of Horizon Technology group's Cisco training division for up to £7.4m cash.
Drew Cullen, 10 Jun 2002

Chimp nicks mobile phone

Police in London are hunting a chimpanzee after it broke into a house and stole a mobile phone.
Tim Richardson, 10 Jun 2002

Java applets for the masses

A new software tool which enables programming virgins to build their own Java apps and applets makes its debut at Internet World tomorrow. And it's cheap - £99. or £40 if you’re a student.
Drew Cullen, 10 Jun 2002

Software pirates cost industry $11 billion

Global software piracy is on the increase costing the industry almost $11 billion*.
Tim Richardson, 10 Jun 2002

Simple hack yields free Times Web content outside UK

I don't normally read Establishment gazettes like the London Times or the Sunday Times, but whilst trawling the Web yesterday I spotted a link to a story which I thought might interest me. Imagine my disappointment when I attempted to access it and learned that only those Netizens located in the UK are permitted to read the Times for free.
Thomas C Greene, 10 Jun 2002

Novell buys SilverStream

Novell is fleshing out its Web services portfolio with the agreed $212m cash purchase of SilverStream Software.
Drew Cullen, 10 Jun 2002

Broadband over power lines trial in Scotland

Some 100 people in Scotland are to take part in a trial that could enable them to get broadband access using existing electrical wires instead of telephone lines or cable.
Tim Richardson, 10 Jun 2002

IBM beats up on Dell servers

IBM today announces a new dualie Intel Xeon server and it's positioning it head-to-head against Dell.
Drew Cullen, 10 Jun 2002

BT ups cost of SurfTime

BT is to up the price of its SurfTime Internet access products for its one million punters from July 1.
Tim Richardson, 10 Jun 2002

WPA wars resume over WinXP SP1 beta

Here we go again? Shortly after the beta of WinXP Service Pack 1 was released, locking out installations using leaked activation keys, a workaround with what appears to be a replacement key began circulating on IRC. We can therefore look forward to a repeat of the Windows Product Activation wars that were waged during the original XP beta, as crack and block alternate until the product actually ships.
John Lettice, 10 Jun 2002

Web Services to aid DOS attacks

The development of web services standards allows us to contemplate the creation of business applications that are based upon collections of loosely-coupled components served up by a variety of third parties. The question that arises is just who it is that is going to expose themselves to denial of service attacks in this way.
IT-Analysis, 10 Jun 2002

MS-funded think tank propagates open-source lies

UpdatedA Washington think tank called the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution has released its anticipated study of the dangers of open-source software. Much to our disappointment, the organization's press release, which last week promised that the study would explain in gory detail how open-source software will foster international terrorism, turns out to have been a tissue of headline-pimping lies.
Thomas C Greene, 10 Jun 2002

Klez, the poor-man's virus

George Smith, 10 Jun 2002

XCom 2002 takes the STAND

Yesterday, around 1,200 people tipped up at XCom 2002, otherwise known as The Extreme Computing festival, in London's sunny Kings Cross.
Team Register, 10 Jun 2002

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