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BT Broadband has arrived

BT has started flogging its "no frills" broadband access product a couple of months ahead of major launch in the Autumn.
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Asia will lead global chip recovery

After its worst ever year of recession, the global semiconductor market is now on the road to recovery, largely thanks to Asia's voracious appetite for chips, the Japan Council of the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) said yesterday.
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MS faces XP compatibility problems with Mira

Microsoft Corp faces an embarrassing problem with the roll-out of its handheld "home companion" computer Mira, after a company executive revealed that the device will not work with computers running the Windows XP Home Edition operating system.

EMC to move downmarket, hire Dell as manufacturer

Facing increasingly stiff competition in its traditional high-end stronghold, EMC is planning a major expansion into the low-end of the storage market, where it predicts the biggest revenue opportunities will occur. The move is being made hand-in-hand with Dell Computer Corp, which is set to make a low-end variant of EMC's mid-range Clariion array.
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SAP upbeat at user conference

The message from SAP AG to users at this year's Sapphire conference was concise and straightforward: "Keep it simple and keep it SAP." To that end, the Walldorf, Germany-based company made a plethora of announcements around integration, and expanded its portfolio of applications down to the SME market. Victoria Furness writes
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Symantec intros volume licensing

Symantec Corp has introduced a new line in volume licensing as an incentive for organizations to make volume purchases in return for discounted prices on its Norton, pcAnywhere and WinFaxPro lines of security software.
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VeriSign still Slamming, Go Daddy lawsuit says

VeriSign Inc is still sending allegedly "deceptive" direct mail to customers of rival domain name registrars, despite being enjoined from doing so with one competitor, a "domain slamming" lawsuit filed this week by Go Daddy Software Inc claims, Kevin Murphy writes.
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ASPs go Web native

The market for web native ASPs in the US is experiencing a resurgence. Having been tarred with the same brush which wrote off many of the early, non-web native ASPs, it appears that in 2002 and beyond, the web native ASP will have its day.
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KPNQwest network could be closed

The trustees for KPNQwest have said they will shut down the pan-European telco's network unless its customers cough up the money they owe by Monday.
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Author of Mathematica proposes a new basis for science

You may not know of Stephen Wolfram — or if you do you may only know of him as the author of Mathematica, the dominant software product in the field of mathematics.
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Soft Europe torpedoes Intel forecasts

Intel blamed soft demand in Europe for a revised revenue guidance for Q2. The company now expects sales of $6.2bn-$6.5bn, compared with its previous forecasts of $6.4bn-$7bn, for the Q which ends June 29.
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HomeRF goes big on cordless phones

The HomeRF Working Group today announced a revised messaging standard, reflecting a "new emphasis on voice".
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Nvidia, ATI boast OEM chipset wins

Nvidia and ATI this week both issued press releases announcing design wins for their respective integrated graphics chipsets. At first glance, Nvidia looks the more significant of the two.
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First Clawhammer benchmarks

You know when a German tech site has got hold of a big story or review - it publishes an English-language version.
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Last Call for Extreme Computing 2002

CONFOUND THE SUPERMAKETS AND GAIN A WHOLE NEW SHOPPING IDENTITY AT EXTREME COMPUTING 2002 Your supermarket loyalty card - it just sits there in your purse or wallet, silently recording everything you buy, occasionally rewarding you with just enough points and prizes to keep you taking it to the shops. But now it's your chance …
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Internet ‘meltdown’ threats overstated

Fears that the Internet traffic could disappear into a black hole if KPNQwest pulls the plug on its network are unfounded, according to one industry expert at least.
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Dubya calls for US Gestapo

US President George Dubya Bush took to the airwaves last night in an appeal for the establishment of a new cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security, to keep us all safe and snug in our beds.
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MS turns up heat on warezed WinXP copies

The beta of Service Pack 1 for Windows XP has now shipped to testers and, as previously advertised, it declines to install if you're using a leaked WinXP licence key. But - again as previously advertised - it doesn't deactivate your installation, just stops you applying the service pack.
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Euro players band together to promote e-ads

Some of Europe's biggest Internet companies are to work together to promote the merits of online advertising.
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Dell cuts UK notebook prices

Dell has chopped UK list prices for the Latitude Series 3 corporate notebook line by up to 17 per cent. The cuts range from £100 to £300 for the top-of-the-line 1.8GHz C840 unit and reflect recent falls in component prices, the company says.
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Dan Technology goes titsup

Administrators from BDO Stoy Hayward took control of Dan Technology today, more than a week after news of the PC system builder's financial woes leaked into the market.
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Caspar Bowden resigns from FIPR

Caspar Bowden, perhaps the UK's most prominent UK Net activist, has had enough: he's resigned as director of the Foundation for Information Policy, and is returning to a job in industry.

IBM crests above 400,000 TPM with pSeries Regatta

IBM Corp finally released its TPC-C benchmarks on the pSeries 690 "Regatta" server on Thursday, nine months after the machines were announced in October 2001. The 32-way pSeries 690 is definitively one of the most powerful servers of any kind in the market, right up there with IBM's biggest mainframes and iSeries machines …

Sun to reprieve Solaris 9 for Intel?

Solaris 9 for Intel could be poised to ship after all, Register spies at Sun suggest. The official line is currently that Sun is shipping Solaris 9 for Sparc, but that "Sun is deferring the productization and release of the Solaris 9 OE for Intel IA-32." In English this means that Sun has (probably) more or less finished it but is hesitating as to whether or not to ship it, while in ITspeak this sort of phrasing generally means that the product is headed for a lingering death in the netherworld.

Sun broadens factory integration service

Last October, Sun Microsystems Inc announced a special program available to customers in the United States called Floor Tile Ready (FTR) that was founded on the idea that Sun, not its customers, should be responsible for integrating Sun's and its partners' hardware, software, and peripherals into a complete solution that …
Cat 5 cable

Intel targets Sun with Itanium 2 benchmarks

Intel Corp will begin building up a head of steam for its Itanium 2 rollout today, when it details what it says are he platform's performance advantages over rival 64 bit platforms, Joe Fay writes. The Itanium 2, formerly code-named McKinley, is not due to ship until "mid year", which could mean June or sometime in the …
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US suffers broadband inflation

The cost of broadband is rising in the US and could dampen demand for high-speed Internet access.
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16 million UK homes could have ADSL

Two thirds of the UK - some 16 million homes - can now hook up to ADSL, according to the latest figures.

Damn it, JANET

Administrators running the UK's academic network, JANET, are looking for an alternative carrier as concern grows that that KPNQwest is to go belly up.

Server sales slump in Q1

It comes as no surprise that server revenues in the first quarter of 2002 contracted by 15.2% to $10.6bn, according to Gartner Dataquest. Given the glut of processing capacity which companies have sitting around these days and the price wars that are ensuing in the market as too many vendors chase too little demand. IBM …

So that's what happened to eSpeak

Survivors of HP's now-deceased eSpeak middleware have crawled ashore, telling tales of gruesome horror. Or at least they're at least a bit fed up with us praising it so generously, and here's where they get to tell their side of the tale.