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NY Times sicks FBI on MSNBC journo

In 1998, kiddiots Slut Puppy and Master Pimp humiliated the New York Times with a defacement that took the paper's Web site off line for the better part of a day before its clueless admins could regain control of their equipment. This year, the venerable 'Gray Lady', as the paper loves to hear itself called, was stung again by a humiliating hack courtesy of Adrian Lamo, who effortlessly grabbed the private details of James Carville, James Baker, Larry Lessig, Robert Redford, William F. Buckley Jr., Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Rush Limbaugh, Vint Cerf, Warren Beatty and Jimmy Carter, along with hundreds of other noteworthy contributors to its Op-Ed page.

Cisco aims small-ish with VoIP line

Cisco Systems Inc has decided it's about time to broaden the potential customer base for its voice over IP products, by making a couple of discount bundles available to smaller enterprises than it usually sells to. The company announced yesterday a number of version releases in its VoIP product line, along with two …
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WebGain to exit tools, Oracle to buy TopLink

WebGain Inc is selling its TopLink Java/database connectivity business to application server wannabe Oracle Corp in a deal that also sees the Java IDE leader exit the tools market, Gavin Clarke writes. A WebGain company source told ComputerWire a deal would be announced during the next few days which would see Redwood …
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IBM To Take $2bn charge for layoffs, HDD sale

IBM Corp will take a $2bn charge in its second quarter to cover the quiet flurry of restructuring it has been engaging in over recent weeks. The IT giant announced the charge late yesterday, the same day it announced 1,500 job cuts at its chip operation and a day after it finalized the sale of its hard drive business to …
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Speedy HP makes cost savings, job cuts

Hewlett Packard Co told a security analysts' conference yesterday that its merger with Compaq Computer Corp will deliver better than expected cost synergies and that it was moving faster than originally planned on its headcount reductions. At the same time, the Palo Alto, California-based vendor said it did not expect any …
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Microsoft shuts Swedish mobile technology unit

Microsoft Corp has shut its mobile internet business unit in Sweden in a move widely seen as indicating the software giant now believes it has the core technology it needs in the wireless markets. Michael Nash, deputy chief executive of Microsoft's security business told the Swedish paper Dagens Industri that the decision …
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IBM cuts jobs at chip arm

IBM Microelectornics has become the latest unit of Big Blue to experience the vendor's job cuts programme as it pulls back from some markets and switches its emphasis to others. The unit, which handles the vendor's silicon production, is to cut 1,500 jobs, or 7.5% of its total workforce. A spokesman for the company said …
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Apple launches eMac for the rest of us

Apple has squeezed a sixth product into its neat four product quadrant - or a seventh if you count the iPod, as Steve Jobs apparently does when posed with this discrepancy at the rack launch last month - by making the eMac available to world+dog.
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Paying for 802.11 by mobile phone

The public WLAN scene is chaotic and, so far as billing revenues concerned, teeny-weeny. But the standards are coming together globally, and network providers are rolling out hotspots across the rich planet.
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Microsoft plugs ‘inexpensive’ TV Net access

Microsoft is trying to tempt US punters online with a TV-based Internet service that starts at under $10 a month.
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Nader urges Feds to get into productivity software publishing

After a short layoff Ralph Nader and his oppo at the Consumer Project on Technology, James Love, are back on Microsoft's case, this time loudly lobbying the US federal government to use its purchasing power to squish the dreaded Microsoft monopoly. Their letter to Mitchell E. Daniels, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, can be found here, mysteriously. But we'd be the last to suggest that the motivation for writing a letter was largely in order to slap it onto a web site then grandstand.
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Gopher holes in IE

Finnish researchers Oy Online have discovered a way to root a windows box using a gopher URL to cause a buffer overflow in the IE Gopher client.
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VeriSign cashes in on CALEA procrastination

The federal Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act (CALEA), which mandates that telecoms providers make their equipment wiretap-friendly, is scheduled to come into force on 30 June, though a number of carriers have yet to achieve compliance due to the expense and complexity involved.
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UnitedLinux agrees to differ

Caldera has pledged that developers and education users will get access to UnitedLinux binaries, after the four member distros have pooled their resources. But as the story unravels, it looks like the per-seat pricing looks like a stayer, at least for Caldera.
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Yahoo! and! SBC! cuddle! up!

Yahoo! Inc and SBC Communications have hopped into bed together to launch a co-branded dial-up Internet service.
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BT scoffs at broadband upgrade figures

BT has dismissed claims that it can fund the upgrade of rural exchanges to broadband with the revenue from just 50 customers.
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ITC bans ‘offensive’ Xbox TV ad

Microsoft has been ordered to stop showing a TV commercial for its Xbox games console after it was dubbed "offensive, shocking and in bad taste".