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UMAX US offers price cut … for free drivers

We tracked down Wenn Lin, who describes himself as UMAX's US General Manager, to ask about the company's new policy of charging its US customers for drivers.
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MS and SEC reach cookie-jar deal

Microsoft Corp has been ordered to "cease and desist" from future accounting violations as part of a settlement into a long-running investigation into alleged misrepresentation of the company's financial performance. Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft has agreed to abide by US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) …
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AT&T tipped again as KPNQwest saviour

KPNQwest NV, which slid into bankruptcy last Friday, has reportedly pitched AT&T as a possible buyer of at least some of its assets. KPNQwest NV declared last Friday that it had been unable to secure a sale of non-core assets and had therefore asked the Dutch courts to convert a "moratorium", (the Dutch equivalent of the …
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Napster files for Chapter 11

Cat 5 cable

German gov deal offers Linux great leap forward in Europe

Yesterday's announcement of a Linux-based cooperation agreement between IBM and Germany's ministry of the interior changes the rules of the game dramatically. Microsoft still has deals with the German government, and will undoubtedly still sell software to it and to Germany's states, but the territory covered by the agreement and the terms used by minister of the interior Otto Schily signal that Linux has already won the server war in principle, and that the German government intends it to do so in practice.
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Taiwan govt pushes open source

The Taiwanese legislature has announced plans to subsidize development of open-source systems for the public and private sectors, the Taipei Times reports.
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China junks toxic US PC junk

China is to enforce a ban on the importation of 'smuggled' scrap computers from the West, in the face of a growing toxic waste scandal.
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MIT grad student shows how to read Xbox security key

An MIT graduate student has successfully dismantled Xbox's security system and published (after what appears to have been some discussion with Microsoft and EFF lawyers) the results. Bottom line - Xbox security relies on a "chain of trust" built on a "seed of trust" key that is included in a physically secure, secret boot block and which is identical in all shipped hardware.
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Open source invites terrorism – study

A Washington think tank calling itself the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution is preparing to release a 'study' warning that the widespread use of open source software will allow international terrorists to have their way with us.
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EU patent proposals will hammer IT contractors – Alan Cox

Letters Barclays and GlaxoSmithKline's recent decision to slash contractor rates drew a large post-bag, including this observation from Linux kernel king Alan Cox.
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Hitachi pins $2bn price tag to IBM HDD unit

Hitachi Ltd and IBM Corp have crossed the Ts and dotted the Is on the agreement for Hitachi to take over IBM's hard disk drive business, originally announced in April. The price tag is $2.05bn, somewhat higher than had originally been estimated by company watchers. Under the terms of the deal, ownership of the HDD unit …