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Now you pay for Drivers – UMAX pioneers new price gouge

UpdatedA week ago scanner giant UMAX began to charge its US customers for driver updates that were previously free as a web download.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Jun 2002

Dell goes Plural

ComputerWire, 03 Jun 2002
Broken CD with wrench

Mass VoIP moves closer to reality

ComputerWire, 03 Jun 2002

United Online cable gets off the ground

ComputerWire, 03 Jun 2002

Chip industry rebounds (a bit) -SIA

ComputerWire, 03 Jun 2002

Intel boosts RosettaNet

Intel has given RosettaNet something of a boost by releasing a new development toolkit for B2B applications. Of course, it is not doing this entirely out of the goodness of its heart. RosettaNet is tightly linked to the technology sector and Intel expects to benefit from the tighter links that the toolkit will create.
IT-Analysis, 03 Jun 2002

Sports.com goes titsup.com

"Our attitude has been to be the last man standing at the end." Gavin Chittick, COO Sports.com, November 2001
Drew Cullen, 03 Jun 2002

Randomisation – IBM's answer to Web privacy

ComputerWire, 03 Jun 2002

Hardware world loves AMD Opteron

A couple of weeks ago, AMD announced the support of ATI, 3DLabs, SiS and Matrox and for its upcoming 64-bit chips. Today, it’s the turn of Nvidia and VIA to pile in with their support for the Opteron (MP) and Next-Generation Athlons (singletons). Both companies are to produce optimised chipsets – Hypertransport, fat graphics etc; - for AMD’s 64-bit platform.
Drew Cullen, 03 Jun 2002

Why Net filtering is an abomination

The recent ruling by a Philadelphia court in response to a challenge by the American Library Association (ALA) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) represents another setback for Congressional prudes and the filtering software lobby.
Thomas C Greene, 03 Jun 2002

FoTW: Leave our President alone, nincompoop

LettersRe: Frontside buses vs Backside drug caches
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Jun 2002

Transmeta takes the Microsoft Tablet

Transmeta has inked a deal to power HPaq's Tablet PC. The 1Ghz Crusoe will be the CPU of choice for the Compaq Evo, and you can see pictures of the prototype here.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Jun 2002

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