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Red Hat clarifies stance on software patents

Linux distributor Red Hat has posted a statement on its Web site explaining why it both speaks out against software patents and seeks them.
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MS Exchange-2K, Excel-XP security warnings

First up we have a potentially crippling exploit with Exchange 2000, in which a malformed mail attribute can spike the system CPU to 100% load while the malicious message is being processed. Re-starting the service or re-booting the Exchange server will not correct it; the process will resume automatically as soon as the service is re-started. Depending on the attacker's ingenuity, a server could be taken down for anywhere from a few seconds to several hours.
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FBI and CIA coming on-line with new powers

The FBI has assumed new powers to investigate people and organizations not even suspected of crime, with blessings from the US Department of Justice and its terror-terrified Lord Protector John Ashcroft.
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No cool ringtone, no style, says survey

If you don't customise you mobile phone with an up-to-the-minute ring tone you're liable to be called "boring" by your friends.
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Nortel to shed 3,500 jobs in optical components sell off

Nortel has announced plans to shed a further 3,500 jobs and plans to sell off its optical components division.
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Cypherpunks aim to torpedo RIP key seizure plan

Privacy activists plan to undermine forthcoming UK Government regulations on the surrender of encryption keys through the release of an open-source cryptography project, called m-o-o-t.

KPNQwest warns punters to make ‘contingency plans’

Struggling Dutch telco, KPNQwest, is advising its customers to put in place contingency plans with other providers in case its own network goes belly-up.