30th May 2002 Archive

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  • Red Hat clarifies stance on software patents

    I'll see your fifty and raise you a hundred

    Software 30 00:06

  • MS Exchange-2K, Excel-XP security warnings

    Malicious fun with SMTP and style-sheets

    Software 30 08:17

  • FBI and CIA coming on-line with new powers

    Back to the Bad Old Days

    Security 30 10:59

  • No cool ringtone, no style, says survey

    So you're a boring old...

    Mobile 30 12:00

  • Nortel to shed 3,500 jobs in optical components sell off

    Premafrost grips telco sector

    Business 30 12:05

  • Cypherpunks aim to torpedo RIP key seizure plan

    Open source projects aims to frustrate key seizure scheme

    Security 30 12:05

  • KPNQwest warns punters to make ‘contingency plans’

    Still talking to potential buyers

    Data Networking 30 12:07