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BT sets great store in storage

BT fleshed out its IP strategy just a smidgen today with a networked storage alliance with Dell and EMC, and plans to boost network capacity.
John Leyden, 24 May 2002

Check Point adds console management

ComputerWire, 24 May 2002

KPNQwest collapses

ComputerWire, 24 May 2002

No government rescue for Hynix

ComputerWire, 24 May 2002

Apple aims to boost bandwidth with 1.5GHz G4s

Recent word from sources close to Motorola confirm that a significant speed bump will be timed for MacWorld Expo in July, raising current bus speeds, and seeing new 7470-based G4s raise frequencies to as high as 1.5Ghz.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 May 2002

Ex-Symbian exec launches mobile software biz

ComputerWire, 24 May 2002

Microsoft backs WS-I expansion – with strings attached

ComputerWire, 24 May 2002

MS preps all-new warez busting antitrust complying XP SP1

Microsoft's 'Seattlement' Service Pack for Windows XP is to go into testing within the next few weeks, and will ship later this year. The company doesn't usually make a big marketing deal of Service Packs, but for legal compliance reasons WinXP SP1 is special, so it's been taking some journalists through what's in it, how it will work and how it will comply.
John Lettice, 24 May 2002

Spammers threaten UK Net user

A British man has been threatened by a gang of spammers after reporting its activity to his ISP.
Tim Richardson, 24 May 2002

Chatham girls offered bed and board

There's some heart-warming news this morning in the shape of a free hosting offer for the much lamented Chatham Girls website.
Lester Haines, 24 May 2002

MessageLabs in partial email outage

A substantial number of virus filtering firm MessageLabs' customers experienced severe delays in sending and receiving email yesterday because of network routing problems.
John Leyden, 24 May 2002

Elbrus the Itanium Slayer Returns!

HWRoundupWho remembers Elbrus, the Russian CPU designer of a supposed Merced (now Itanium) killer? ExtremeTech's very fine journalist Mark Hachman does:
Drew Cullen, 24 May 2002

Seagate chases retail upgrade market

Seagate is coming to the upgrade market with a new line of "consumer friendly hard drives" which it will sell through retailers.
Drew Cullen, 24 May 2002

Netscape 7 beta: first looks

The first beta of Netscape 7, released earlier this week, has been received with cautious enthusiasm.
John Leyden, 24 May 2002

US e-ad revs fall

US online ad revenues fell 12 per cent last year, according to data from the Internet Ad Revenue Report.
Tim Richardson, 24 May 2002
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Systemax completes UK restructuring…

Systemax, the IT mail-order reseller formerly known as Globaldirect, has completed the announcements for its UK consolidation, Les Biggs VP of Europe told us. The changes which should be completed in September will see Systemax's seven UK sites cut to three: Wellingborough, Greenock and Walthamstow.
Drew Cullen, 24 May 2002

Raid on Spider Man DVDs piracy factory

More than 10,000 pirate Spider Man and Star Wars: Episode II DVDs and 31 DVD burners were seized in the UK, in a raid carried out by Surrey Trading Standards and Hampshire Police.
John Leyden, 24 May 2002

PCG hit by ‘internal bickering’

The Professional Contractors Group (PCG) is best known for its opposition to the Government's plans to introduce a new "stealth" tax which specifically targets contractors. Set up in May 1999 to fight the Government's plans to introduce IR35, the PCG has grown from a single-issue campaign group into a professional trade organisation representing knowledge-based workers in the oil and gas, telecoms, pharmaceuticals and IT sectors.
Tim Richardson, 24 May 2002

EU looks at MS Passport for privacy infringement

Microsoft's problems with Brussels have been compounded by news that the European Commission is investigating whether Passport is compatible with European data protection law. European law is substantially tougher than the US equivalent in this area, and Microsoft's record on database control is somewhat patchy, so it wouldn't be a big surprise if the Commission decided there was a problem here.
John Lettice, 24 May 2002

HP is a very big company indeed

And so to a characterless but swanky London hotel to see Hewlett-Packard's post-merger big guns, wheeled out yesterday morning before the UK press.
Drew Cullen, 24 May 2002

BBC hijacks TiVo recorders

Users of the TiVo digital video recorder have reacted angrily to a new sponsorship feature that automatically records certain programmes, adverts and other promotional material.
Andrew Smith, 24 May 2002

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