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Net radio wins reprieve

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) - the pigopoly dominated by the five biggest record labels - has suffered a setback in its attempt to extinguish Net music broadcasts. A royalty proposal that strongly favored the RIAA, produced by the arbitration panel CARP, has been rejected by the Library of Congress on the advice of the Register of Copyrights, Marybeth Peters.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 May 2002

MCI paralyzes US Reg bureau

A week before US homeland defense chiefs warned of further domestic subversion, the nation's most notorious homegrown crime syndicate was quietly going about its lethal business.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 May 2002

BTo extends ADSL promo

The price war for broadband is hotting up following news that BTopenworld is to extend its free ADSL activation offer.
Tim Richardson, 22 May 2002

Mobile operators want EU hands-off

ComputerWire, 22 May 2002

Trend Micro strengthens hybrid worm defences

ComputerWire, 22 May 2002

Small shareholders seek to block Hynix creditor takeover

ComputerWire, 22 May 2002

Symantec speeds appliance with AES

ComputerWire, 22 May 2002

Altnet plays P2P leapfrog

ComputerWire, 22 May 2002

MS customers flirt with increased Windows costs

ComputerWire, 22 May 2002

Milly search takes to the Net

Some 650,000 people - 4 per cent of home users - in the UK have seen the pop-up box publicising details of missing teenager Amanda Dowler, known as Milly.
Tim Richardson, 22 May 2002

Demin takes Hyunju PCs to Europe

Ali Demin, the former boss of Samsung's UK computer business, has resurfaced as European CEO of Hyunju, the Korean PC maker. Joining him is Geoff Bigg, CTO, one-time R&D director for Samsung in Europe.
Drew Cullen, 22 May 2002

SQL server worm throttles bandwidth

Database admins are warned to bolt up the security of their Microsoft SQL Servers after the discovery of a worm which infects machines with default passwords.
John Leyden, 22 May 2002

Nigerian email fraud gang nabbed

South African police have arrested six West Africans, allegedly members of a 419 email fraud gang which is thought to have tried to con thousands of pounds out of their victims, according to this report.
Drew Cullen, 22 May 2002

Sun bundles app server with Solaris 9

Today is the day when Sun continues the roll-out of its Sun ONE strategy with the latest release of the Solaris operating system. Solaris 9 starts to bring together some of the components of the iPlanet environment within the operating system and should make the integration of business applications considerably easier.
IT-Analysis, 22 May 2002

Chatham Girls – the online user guide

Following on from our recent and highly-popular spotlight on Sheppey - The UK's fight capital, we thought that readers might enjoy an insight into nearby Chatham.
Lester Haines, 22 May 2002

Tiscali suffers email glitch

Tiscali UK has been hit by an intermittent technical problem which has left its customers without access to their email.
Tim Richardson, 22 May 2002

Extreme Computing Festival to feature author of ‘Chuckie Egg’

Acclaimed theoretical physicist FREEMAN DYSON, inventor of the "Dyson Sphere", will be joining an unprecedented lineup of guests - which also includes NIGEL ALDERTON, the creator of "Chuckie Egg" - at this year's FESTIVAL OF EXTREME COMPUTING, taking place at the Camden Centre in London, from 11am-7pm Sunday 9th June 2002.
Dave Green, 22 May 2002

We've got a survey which needs filling

OK, we've teamed up with our survey chums at Metafacts once again, to conduct a study, grandly titled: Market Expectations in the IT and Telecommunications Sectors.
Team Register, 22 May 2002

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