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MS goes for control, Disneyesque experience for Xbox Live

Microsoft habitually announces billion dollar bets that aren't really, but Xbox Live really is one. That's not to say the stated billions are correct of course, but if this one flops it'll still cost Redmond a pretty penny. In the event of failure Microsoft would be left clutching four datacentres, a sophisticated broadband voice, data and messaging network waiting for clients that aren't coming, and - bizarrely - some kind of online Disneyesque experience.
John Lettice, 21 May 2002

IDC takes a second pass at supercomputer rankings

ComputerWire, 21 May 2002

DRAM price dip may be just a blip

ComputerWire, 21 May 2002

RealNames shutdown outcry grows in Asia

ComputerWire, 21 May 2002

Market sceptical on BT bid for Colt

ComputerWire, 21 May 2002

Tosh preps curved LCD screen

Toshiba is claiming a world first - a large, flexible liquid crystal display which "opens the way to the display on curved screens". The display can be flexed in all directions and bent to form a curve with a radius of curvature of less than 20cm, Tosh says.
Drew Cullen, 21 May 2002

Dell cuts 150 jobs in Ireland

Dell is cutting 150 admin jobs in Limerick, Ireland.
Drew Cullen, 21 May 2002

Sons of Ulster join e-commerce revolution

If, as a true Son of Ulster, you've ever spent fruitless days wandering around the province's shops trying to source Protestant holy water, Drumcree games for your Xbox or an oversized goat skin for that lambeg drum, there's some good news today in the shape of www.prodshopping.com.
Lester Haines, 21 May 2002

Systemax UK reins in Misco ops

Systemax UK is closing the Wellingborough, Northants warehouse of its Misco reseller sub, transferring all logistics, except for Systemax-branded PCs, to its main warehouse Globaldirect Greenock, Scotland. Too small for its needs, it says.
Drew Cullen, 21 May 2002

CPU spot market quiet, waiting for P4 price cuts

Trading volumes on the CPU spot market are low, as system builders wait for their new Intel price lists, according to the channel checkers at Boston investment bank Fechtor Detwiler. Expect price cuts on Friday and in the order of 10-20 per cent on 1.7 P4s and above, they say.
Drew Cullen, 21 May 2002

Poll on cards for Tiny warranty holders left in the lurch

Owners of Tiny PCs who bought their computers by credit card will be asked to waive their section 75 rights, laid out in the Consumer Credit Act 1974, through a poll conducted by the administrators of the bust company.
Drew Cullen, 21 May 2002

Friends Reunited user in libel payout

A retired teacher has won damages for defamatory comments posted on the Friends Reunited Web site.
John Leyden, 21 May 2002

All the World Cup news that's not fit to print

The teams are putting their final preparations in place with only 10 days until the world's greatest sports competition kicks off.
John Leyden, 21 May 2002

C++, SQL, Unix and C are key skills – still

Fewer IT jobs were advertised last quarter than a year ago but programmers with key software skills are still very much in demand.
John Leyden, 21 May 2002

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