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Campaigners ‘hijack’ Treasury Holdings URL

An environmental campaign group has 'hijacked' the URL of Treasury Holdings, after the Irish property group forgot to renew the domain name.
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Time teams up with Tesco

Time is teaming up with Tesco to flog PCs through the UK's biggest supermarket chain. The pair are trialling the line in selected stores for two months and are targeting sales of approx. 6,000 units.

Virgin Mobile sets up shop in the USA

Virgin has hooked up with Sprint PCS to take its virtual mobile operator business to the States.
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Prisoners go to work for Dell

Dell rose to the top by cutting more corners than its rivals. The PC giant is cutting another corner by employing prisoners to handle its new consumer recycling scheme in the US.
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Mandrake 8.2 first look

I've had only about 72 hours to play with Mandrake 8.2-Pro. My initial impressions, as I expected, were largely positive; but in using it I've run into a number of quite irritating bugs.
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VeriSign focuses on managed security services

VeriSign Inc will today announce a series of new and enhanced managed services aimed at enterprises that want to outsource the complexity of their security infrastructure. The company has inked a number of partnerships to help it manage customers' firewalls, VPNs and intrusion detection systems. The company faces serious …
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Sun to join Web services standards group

Sun Microsystems Inc is inching towards joining the Web Services-Interoperability (WS-I) organization on condition it receives board-level membership. Palo Alto, California-based Sun told Computerwire Friday it is in discussions with WS-I to join a newly expanded board. IBM last week proposed the WS-I board be expanded …
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Intel cranks up desktop speeds

Intel today launched three new desktop P4s, with its fastest clock speeds to date. And more importantly, they incorporate support for the 533MHz frontside bus, through the new Rambus 850E chipset.
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MS in Peruvian open-source nightmare

There's a letter circulating, purportedly from Peruvian Congressman David Villanueva Nuñez to Microsoft Peru, which cuts the heart out of Redmond's chief 'panic points' to chill those considering open-source migration.
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StarOffice to eat MS share (probably)

Sun Microsystems Inc's StarOffice office applications suite is expected to wrest a 10% market share of the desktop productivity software sector away from Microsoft by 2004. Technology analysts at Gartner Group predict that Sun has a "slightly better than 50:50 chance" to win a 10% slice of business away from Microsoft, as …