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Security flaw in Pocket PC Phone Edition

The June issue of What Mobile magazine reveals a security flaw in the supposedly integrated Phone Edition of the Pocket PC operating system.
Simon Rockman, 18 May 2002

RU lonesum tonite?

The other night I decided to set out in search of wild text love. Would the boys be able to handle it? SexKitten, 32, a bit tattered round the ears, was ready for action. Or at least, a chat about gardening and a nice cup of tea.
Perdita Patterson, 18 May 2002

eyestorm in a titsup tea cup

Our next door neighbour, the London gallery of eyestorm, hasn't been so busy with the new showings lately. Maybe that's because the online art retailer has gone bust.
Drew Cullen, 18 May 2002

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