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Apple's Tevanian on Windows CIFS, networked Quartz

As of today, Apple's a serious server company again, and it played its hand just right today. It's choosing to fight on turf where it has home advantage, and isn't making claims to revolutionize servers, or topple Dell Computer from its rack-em-high, sell 'em cheap business overnight. Or anytime soon.
Andrew Orlowski, 15 May 2002

HP says no spending recovery yet

ComputerWire, 15 May 2002

IBM preps Eclipse application server challenge

ComputerWire, 15 May 2002

MobilCom blames France Telecom row for Q1 disaster

ComputerWire, 15 May 2002

Data dyspepsia blights the workforce

The quantity of information flowing into our businesses on a daily basis has reached an officially indigestible level. Research from Gartner has found that 90% of companies believe they get too much information pumped through to them on a regular basis--and they're beginning to feel like it's affecting their productivity.
IT-Analysis, 15 May 2002

Sustainable Computing Consortium ‘foolish’ if…

Carnegie Mellon University is expected to formally announce its "Sustainable Computing Consortium" on May 16th. In order to make some measurable gains in software quality and security, CMU is hooking up with big players in IT and software development, and NASA, to look at new techniques for measuring sustainability.
Tina Gasperson, 15 May 2002

FoTW: A Doctor Writes… “Crawl back under your rock”

LettersFrom: "Luke O'Sullivan"
Andrew Orlowski, 15 May 2002

MS lops Xbox prices (in North America)

Microsoft cut the price of Xbox in North America to $199 this morning, confirming the suspicions of industry observers and analysts. The price cut puts the console at a rough £137 / €219.
Eurogamer.net, 15 May 2002

$199 apiece – PS2 cut triggers early Xbox price drop in US

Sony seems to have successfully rained on Microsoft's parade. Rumours of a $100 price cut on Xbox in the US have been rife for weeks, and Microsoft was strongly tipped to make the announcement at the Electronic Entertainment Expo next wee.k But a pre-emptive strike by Sony, taking the PS2 down to $199, means Xbox is priced at $199, effective immediately.
John Lettice, 15 May 2002

Oftel tinkers with FRIACO

Oftel has introduced a wee measure it says should help cut the costs associated with providing unmetered dial-up Net access.
Tim Richardson, 15 May 2002

Opera releases 6.0 for Linux, supports Symbian Magpie

Opera Software announcements tend to hunt in packs, and this week is a prime example; in fact, we've got enough to be able to do a roundup. Heading the lineup today we have the release of Opera 6.0 for Linux, closely followed by 6.02 for Windows. These arrived before we'd even got around to writing up yesterday's announcement of Opera support for Symbian's Magpie (although we actually think that's more interesting).
John Lettice, 15 May 2002

Lycos charges for email

Terra Lycos has started offering a subscription-based email service which it says should appeal to those who have "grown beyond free email services".
Tim Richardson, 15 May 2002

Microsoft execs jump ship from Telewest

Shares in Telewest slipped seven per cent (0.5p) to 8.38p by mid afternoon following news that Microsoft had pulled three non-executive directors from the cableco's board.
Tim Richardson, 15 May 2002

Carly's ‘new HP’ memo leak – Q staff miss the bonus

A memo from new hp boss Carly Fiorina has found its way into our inbox. Written in her usual touchy-feely style, the memo nonetheless carries unwelcome news for former Compaq employees - they won't get a share of a pre-merger company performance bonus.
John Leyden, 15 May 2002

Hoax virus alert could cripple Windows Java

Antivirus experts are warning of a hoax virus alert which might trick users into deleting an important file on their Windows machines.
John Leyden, 15 May 2002

Psion pulls plugs on modem business

Psion has pulled the plugs on its Gold Card modems and related products - a not entirely unexpected move, considering it pulled out of consumer PDAs last year, and that the bright idea it had about where the modem business would go was knocked on the head around the same time.
John Lettice, 15 May 2002

Open source review would aid Windows security: Gartner

Microsoft should dump security via obscurity, and submit its software to open source review, according to Gartner.
John Leyden, 15 May 2002

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