15th May 2002 Archive

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  • Apple's Tevanian on Windows CIFS, networked Quartz

    Server ruminations

    Personal 15 04:14

  • HP says no spending recovery yet


    Business 15 08:17

  • IBM preps Eclipse application server challenge

    So you think you're hard, huh?

    Software 15 08:18

  • MobilCom blames France Telecom row for Q1 disaster

    Wilfully negative

    Mobile 15 08:18

  • Data dyspepsia blights the workforce

    John, I'm only drowning

    e-Business 15 08:40

  • Sustainable Computing Consortium ‘foolish’ if…

    ...it doesn't embrace open standards

    Software 15 09:02

  • FoTW: A Doctor Writes… “Crawl back under your rock”

    I hate my job. I hate you even more…

    Letters 15 09:20

  • MS lops Xbox prices (in North America)

    The Empire Strikes Back

    Personal 15 10:06

  • $199 apiece – PS2 cut triggers early Xbox price drop in US

    Sony wins points for footwork

    Personal 15 12:25

  • Oftel tinkers with FRIACO

    A word in your arrear

    Media 15 12:27

  • Opera releases 6.0 for Linux, supports Symbian Magpie

    Really, the Magpie one's more interesting...

    Software 15 13:28

  • Lycos charges for email

    Would you Adam and Eve it

    Media 15 13:30

  • Microsoft execs jump ship from Telewest

    Something's up

    Broadband 15 15:42

  • Carly's ‘new HP’ memo leak – Q staff miss the bonus

    And here's an exciting voluntary retirement package...

    Business 15 16:16

  • Hoax virus alert could cripple Windows Java

    'jdbgmgr.exe' causing net confusion

    Security 15 17:46

  • Psion pulls plugs on modem business

    We're running out of eras to end here, folks...

    Personal 15 18:19

  • Open source review would aid Windows security: Gartner

    Aargh... Not the garlic

    Software 15 18:45