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2001: A BOFH Odyssey

BOFH 2001: All the episodes, bagged and tagged Back on the Helldesk with BOFH BOFH: This hardware is dead... It has ceased to be... BOFH gives good slide BOFH gets to the back of the Q The Bastard school of anger management BOFH: how to upgrade your Quake Server BOFH: Swears, Lies and Videotapes BOFH plays Golf! BOFH: …
Simon Travaglia, 11 May 2002

BOFH gets his mobo working

Episode 2 Episode 2 BOFH 2002: Episode 2 So I'm sitting in Mission Control when The Boss bowls in with a complaint about some advice I'd given a geek from the helldesk last week. "He says the motherboard/processor/memory combo you told him to buy is crap!" he mutters. "What, the Gigabyte/Athlon/DDR?" I enquire, wondering what sort of …
Simon Travaglia, 11 May 2002

BOFH and the VAX cluster bomb

Episode 1 Episode 1 BOFH 2002: Episode 1 So I'm having a quiet six pints after work - waiting for The PFY to join me so I can shout him a lager or two - when a geeky type from the Helldesk crawls over and introduces himself. I'm momentarily taken aback by this blatant abuse of workplace hierarchical protocol, but this is shortly …
Simon Travaglia, 11 May 2002