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Sun to put x86, faster SPARCs in blades

Sun is looking to make blades based on x86-compatible processors in addition to faster embedded when the servers launch later this year. The company told us that x86 would be an option alongside SPARC, but wouldn't comment on any specifics of the latter.
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Microsoft winds up on both ends of software piracy stick

Did you know Microsoft was convicted of software piracy last year by a French court? Not many people do. The Commercial Court of Nanterre fined Microsoft 3 million francs because it illegally included another company's proprietary source code in SoftImage 3D, a top-of-the-line animation package.
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WorldCom in damage control mode

WorldCom Inc's CEO John Sidgmore yesterday went to analysts and investors for the second time since taking the job last week to assure them the latest financial news to hit the company is not as bad as it looks. After a credit rating cut by a prominent investment service, Sidgmore went on a conference call to assure …
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Germany is tough for Morse

Morse Group Plc, Europe's largest Sun Microsystems reseller, said yesterday that its German business has endured its toughest ever quarter and warned that trading in its core telecom and banking markets remains "uncertain." The London, UK-based company said that in its fiscal third quarter ending March 31, 2002, revenue …
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IM ban: now its Samsung's turn

Samsung Group is cracking down on what it sees as employees' abuse of IT systems at work, and has banned workers from accessing chat and instant message services from their desks. The company had earlier imposed restrictions on its workers' use of email, and has now commissioned its Samsung SDS systems integration arm to …
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Bytes wants to buy UK reseller

Bytes Technology Group is in 'intense discussions' on where it will find the money to pay for a profitable UK IT business, South African newspaper Business Day reports.
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Intel to expand Shanghai role in P4 production

Intel Corp will begin shipping Pentium 4s stamped made in China in the first half of next year. Intel said its Shanghai plant is to be expanded and will begin assembling and testing Pentium 4 processors built on 0.13 micron technology. The Shanghai plant already assembles and tests flash chips and processor chipsets. …

F5 to deliver crucial blade platform

F5 Networks Inc this week announced the imminent availability of its Big-IP Blade Controller, the product the company has described as one of its best chances for big sales growth in the second half of the year. The offering is a software-only version of its flagship Big-IP internet traffic management appliances, designed …
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IBM boosts zSeries 900 speeds

IBM Corp has quietly cranked the clocks on its zSeries 900 mainframes, announcing the "zRex" kickers to the current "Freeway" zSeries mainframes, Timothy Prickett Morgan writes. The new mainframes, for which IBM didn't even put out a press release, offer somewhere from 15% to 20% more processing power than the first …
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States' team blows foot off over modular Windows demo

The unsettling states' brief triumph over modular Windows evaporated yesterday evening, when their legal team abandoned plans to stage a demonstration by testing consultant James Bach. California assistant attorney general put a brave face on the switch, claiming that the case against Microsoft was strong enough, and didn't need Bach's evidence, but earlier events in the courtroom tell an entirely different tale - essentially, the states' attorneys fouled this one up, handed Microsoft's legal team enough weaponry and more derail them, and then found themselves with no choice other than surrender.
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Intel goes chipset crazy

HWRoundup Intel is to show off two chipsets, The Intel 845 G/E and Intel 845GL, integrating support for USB 2.0, the PC world’s riposte to Firewire at a press day at the USB 2.0 Developers Conference on June 11. This is kinda unusual, Intel isn't usually so free with the info pre-launch – here's the press release.
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War among the penguins? Red Hat goes all competitive

What's this, war among the penguins? Red Hat is celebrating the rollout of Red Hat Linux 7.3 with a competitive upgrade scheme, offering a $20 rebate on 7.3 Professional and $10 on Personal for people upgrading from earlier versions of Red Hat or competiting operating systems.
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Safedoor not core, shuts doors

Securicor has shut its Safedoor secure shopping portal with immediate effect. The company decided that the business was not core, and although it had good potential, required investment "which could be better utilised elsewhere within the group".
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Europe's MS sanctions to be wide-ranging, long-taking

Europe is likely to impose tougher measures on Microsoft than those proposed in last year's MS-DoJ deal in the US, according to a story in today's Financial Times. Citing "people familiar with the case" the piece claims regulators are studying "wide-ranging" measures to be taken against the company.
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Prison suicide watch for ex Cisco exec

A former Cisco executive has been placed on suicide watch in a federal prison after attempting to kill himself while on the run from multi-million dollar fraud charges.
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IBM in US jobs cull

IBM US will offload as many as 8,000 people, or around 2.5 per cent of its workforce, during the current quarter.
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Amiganauts rave over Matrox G1000

On May 3, TechNation, a UK games-oriented hardware site, published a screen grab purporting to be of the data sheet for the Matrox G1000, an as yet unannounced graphics chip, published possibly in error on Matrox Graphics's web site.
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Lastminute.com improves revenues

Shares in one-time dotcom darling, Lastminute.com, were up at lunchtime after the company reported improved revenues and lower losses.
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UK business to embrace electronic filing – by law

How do you get people to embrace e-government? Easy-peasy, you make it compulsory. The Guardian has spotted a clause tacked on to the end of the government's finance bill which is intended to do that very thing, levying a fine of up to £3,000 on businesses who don't file their tax returns electronically.
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House of Fraser pays up for pirate Macromedia

The Business Software Alliance has published the names of three London firms caught using illegal software.
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Usenet death penalty imposed on blueyonder

Usenet posts by Telewest blueyonder Internet service subscribers are been blocked by other news providers because of complaints over spam.
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Mobile phone radiation products tested

Some mobile phone shields can "significantly reduce" exposure to radiation, according to a Government report published today.
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Wa-hay for World Telecoms Day

Guys - a note for your diary. Next Friday (the 17th May) is World Telecommunication Day.