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Allchin quizzed on ‘secret’ MS protocols and APIs

In court yesterday Microsoft VP Jim Allchin defended the security exception to disclosure in the proposed Microsoft-DoJ settlement, which is derided by opponents as "security by obscurity," but under cross-examination by States' attorney Kevin Hodges he went some way toward defining the protocols and APIs that Microsoft would keep security under the banner of security.
John Lettice, 08 May 2002

Dotcom death rate falls

The number of Internet companies going titsup.com continues to fall, according to the latest stats from the US.
Tim Richardson, 08 May 2002

Alphacide yesterday, Yamhill tomorrow: HP merger architect talks

If the name Shane Robison doesn't mean much to you, then take heart, because it had barely figured on our radar until yesterday.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 May 2002

Selling OEM Windows copies – you can do it in Europe

Our recent piece on Microsoft's interesting claim (now withdrawn*) that it's a legal requirement that a preinstalled operating system system remain with a machine for the life of the machine prompted a contribution on a related matter from Andrew Katz of Moorcrofts Corporate Law, who argues in some detail that under European law Microsoft has no right to stop you selling on any copy of Windows, including preinstalled versions.
Team Register, 08 May 2002

VIA shows off tablet PC design

One day we'll all be taking the tablets. That's what we've been told by industry experts for 10- years or more -even before they were called tablet PCs (anyone remember the Dynabook?)
Drew Cullen, 08 May 2002

Deutsche Telekom fingered for unfair pricing

The European Commission has written to Deutsche Telekom accusing it of abusing its dominant market position through unfair pricing for access to its local loop.
Tim Richardson, 08 May 2002

Terra Lycos seeks path to profit

Terra Lycos has managed to offset in part falls in advertising revenue with an increase in Net access revenues.
Tim Richardson, 08 May 2002

Guillemot severs last link with Ubi Soft

Guillemot this week announced that it had, after a protracted divorce, severed its fulfilment contract (or was it the other way around) with Ubi Soft, the French games outfit.
Drew Cullen, 08 May 2002

HDS trebles bandwidth on storage kit

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has set itself the goal of becoming the number one provider in the storage market with a major revamp of its enterprise storage line.
John Leyden, 08 May 2002

Judge sets scene for battle over modular Windows

Microsoft trial judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly yesterday allowed the unsettling states to introduce evidence indicating that a modular version of Windows, based on XP Embedded, was possible. The evidence, in the shape of testing consultant James Bach, is a late entrant, but the judge nevertheless allowed it, saying "I'm going to allow Mr. Bach's testimony primarily for the reason that I think the information should be presented to the court, that I should have it."
John Lettice, 08 May 2002

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