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Micron walks away from Hynix

Hynix's creditors still want the Korean chipmaker to be sold.
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Telewest axes 1,500 jobs

The UK's second biggest cableco, Telewest, is to slash 1,500 jobs as part of plans to save up to £50 million a year.
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Anti-EULA script removes offending text

An imaginative person has created a VB script which will search for an End User License Agreement (EULA) in temporary files created during the installation of a program or application, and remove or replace the text so the user can truthfully claim never to have seen it.

Oftel should consider splitting BT in two say MPs

An influential group of MPs has called on telecoms regulator Oftel to study proposals for the break-up of BT.
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Infineon confirms Nanya gig

Infineon and Nanya today firmed the details of their proposed foundry JV.
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More on the IBM UK redundos

IBM staffers have given us more details on the firm's UK redundancy programme.
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Pipex slams rip-off broadband charges

The MD of PIPEX has launched a scathing attack on ISPs that charge too much for broadband.
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NASCR awards gong to C2000

NASCR, the National Association of Computer Retailers, has names Computer 2000 as its hardware distie of the year.

Solaris 9 to beef up OS, application security

With Sun getting ready to launch Solaris 9, the next generation of its Unix operating system, sometime between now and the end of June, everyone is scrambling to try to figure out what will make Solaris 9 different from the existing Solaris 8, Timothy Prickett Morgan writes. One of the big differences, it turns out, will …
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AMD Licenses 64-bit MIPS architecture

Advanced Micro Devices Inc has licensed MIPS Technologies Inc's MIPS64 Instruction Set Architecture. Sunnyvale, California-based AMD will use the MIPS64 architecture to create a new line of 64-bit processors through its Personal Connectivity Solution Group, which was formed following the acquisition of Alchemy …
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MS seeks senior spook to score Federal security $$$s

Microsoft is seeking to hire a high level executive whose role will be "to position Microsoft as a strategic partner to the [US] government in using our products and technologies to build Homeland Security solutions." Or, as the lead-in to the help-wanted ad less modestly puts it: "The Director of Federal Homeland Security will partner the world's most successful software company with the world's most powerful nation in using innovative and agile technology to prepare, detect, prevent, protect, respond, recover and manage against terrorism."
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Microsoft goes back-to-basics on cable TV

Microsoft Corp is going back to basics to revive its failing interactive TV (iTV) strategy, with an entry-level set-top-box operating system built using its latest programming language, C Sharp, Gavin Clarke writes. Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft next week plans to launch a version of its Windows CE-based operating …
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Google's AOL win upsets Inktomi, Overture

Google Inc has upset Inktomi Corp and Overture Services Inc by replacing both companies as the provider of web search and paid search listings at America Online Inc, the world's largest ISP, Kevin Murphy writes. The development took a huge chunk out of the share prices of both losing companies, even though Overture …
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Storage benchmarkers push the envelope

The preliminary results of the storage industry's first-ever benchmark tests show that suppliers are treating them just like any other benchmark - a contest in which vendors play the rules to the limit in order to squeeze out maximum performance, resulting in a standard benchmark test being completed on a very non-standard …

Argos in cheap telco deal

Argos, the UK's high street catalogue retailer, has become a discount telco offering punters up to 50 per cent off the cost of national phone calls.
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ASSAiSSINAiTE all bugs

Networks Associates (NAI) and Internet Security Systems (ISS) today announced an alliance to integrate their technologies aimed at providing better protection for users against increasingly complex security threats.
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MS' MIT prof witness gets toasted over KDE, GNOME

Some reports today suggest that Microsoft witness Stuart E Madnick, a computer science professor at MIT, might have made desperate claims in court that KDE and GNOME were operating systems. This, fortunately for the good prof's career, is not true, but he most certainly had a desperate and unsuccessful struggle with States' attorney Kevin Hodges, and it's worth reporting in some detail.