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Apple apes rumour sites with 50lb monster Mac

Analysis Apple paid the Mac rumor sites a backhanded compliment today with the launch of its new eMac. The new machine closely resembles some of the mock-ups of 17inch CRTs created by Mac fans throughout 1999 and 2000, when it was one of the most requested new products. The eMac is the classic iMac shape form factor, with added pituitary gland trouble, and weighs in at 50lb, although the short-neck CRT used by Apple makes for a shorter product, by a fraction. The demand for overweight iMacs fell away a little when it became clear how fast LCD prices were falling, making a flat panel iMac economically feasible.
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Netscape blows off new vuln warning

A recent advisory from GreyMagic Software demonstrates a minor file access vulnerability in Netscape and Mozilla for Windows, very much like the recent one affecting MS Internet Exploder.
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FT.com starts charging

FT.com is to start charging for content from next month. The pink paper's Web site explained that the latest news plus some comment and analysis will still be free.
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Hynix board snubs Micron bid

Micron's proposed takeover of struggling rival Hynix has collapsed, following the rejection of the equity-funded bid by the Korean chipmaker's board.
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Bye Ed – Analysts pull the chain on Sun chief

To the Nob Hill Ritz Carlton Hotel, why not?
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Multiple Solaris vulns reported

We've got denials of service, buffer overflows and root compromises, and we're frankly shocked, shocked, to report it. According to eSecurityOnline, your Solaris system is screwed six ways to Sunday, though we'll note that the majority of stuff-ups they cite are not remotely exploitable. Which is something.
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Telewest in cable broadband promo

Telewest is flogging its cable broadband service for less than the price of unmetered dial-up access in a bid to attract new punters.
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Preinstalled Windows: AARGH! I can't get it off!

If a PC shipped with Windows preinstalled, can you remove the OS and install Linux instead? Well, no, according to Microsoft. A somewhat obscure Microsoft site aimed at helping schools deal with donated computers flatly states: "It is a legal requirement that pre-installed operating systems remain with a machine for the life of the machine."
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Doubts raised over Vizzavi's future

Vizzavi claims it is "business as usual" despite waking up to press reports which suggest that funding for the Internet operation could be pulled.
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Sage adds up threat from Redmond

Sage, best known as a supplier of accountancy software, has met analyst expectations in posting six month profits up 10 per cent from £40.8 million to £44.9 million.
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Alan Cox attacks the European DMCA

Alan Cox has issued a wake up call to the Linux community amid concerns that the pending European Union Copyright Directive (EUCD) could stymie open source development.
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Nominet challenged on personal data changes

Opponents to Nominet UK's decision to publish contact details of people who own .uk domain names have set up a Web site to voice their protest.

IBM releases iSeries model 890 Regattas

As we had heard might happen, IBM Corp moved up the iSeries "Regatta" Power4-based server announcements to yesterday, Timothy Prickett Morgan writes. While the high-end Regatta-H servers will make their debut in 16-way, 24-way, and 32-way configurations under an early-release program running OS/400 V5R2, don't expect those …

EMC pushes ATA into Enterprise

EMC Corp has branched off into what, for the company, is new territory, with an ATA-based nearline system for storing fixed-content data objects such as document or medical images, Tim Stammers and Rik Turner writes. This is the first time that Hopkinton, Massachusetts-based EMC has used PC-style ATA drives in its hardware …

RSA removes patent block to SAML uptake

RSA Security Inc yesterday said it will grant royalty-free licenses to any developer that wants to use the Securities Assertions Markup Language (SAML) in their products. The company revealed last month that it has two US patents it believes cover aspects of the XML access control standard. The only caveat RSA is imposing …
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HP hit by class action over DVD+RW claims

HP has been hit by a class action, claiming it misrepresented the capabilities of its DVD100i drive. The complaint, filed in Clark County Nevada, says that HP "manufactured, marketed and/or sold these drives with the representation that they would be able to write the less expensive DVD+R discs," but that such representations were subsequently 'disappeared', and that purchasers of the first generation of drives must now buy a $99 upgrade in order to obtain the features originally promised.
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World Cup clips to appear on the Net

Football fans will be able to see highlights of all the games from the forthcoming World Cup over the Internet for the first time in the tournament's history.
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Klez storms monthly virus charts

Variants of the Klez worm were by far the most common viruses circulating on the Internet this month.