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Intel ships dualie Xeon 2.4GHz parts

Intel yesterday took the wraps off the 2.4GHz dualie Xeon, its fastest low-end server processor to date.
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Intel rolls out three P4-Ms

And three more mobile P4 processors are rolling out of the Intel fabs.
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IE-6 privacy solution backfires

It may seem ironic, but privacy functionality in IE6 makes it possible to launch several attacks against the browser, and against Outlook and Outlook Express, security researcher Thor Larholm has discovered.
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The quest for the killer mobile app: ringtones from hell?

The quest for the killer mobile phone app is decidedly on at this week's Symbian Developer Expo, and of the various candidates spotted by The Register, the first wave of apps involving Beatnik's technology look like the ones most likely to get you killed. Think stupid ringtones, think of them becoming polyphonic, longer samples of your favourite music, excerpts from the speeches of Margaret Thatcher (and why not, indeed?)... Do you dare go into a public place toting a device primed to explode into Paranoid?
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Security exhibitors set up insecure WLANs

InfoSecurity Europe Wireless networking insecurity was a key theme of this week's InfoSecurity show with a number of suppliers coming out with surveys on just how vulnerable world+dog is to drive by hackers.
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A discount cornucopia from IT-minds

It's a veritable cornucopia of IT literature this week from Reg associate www.it-minds.com
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NetScreen puts heat on software firewall vendors

InfoSecurity Europe NetScreen has boosted the speed and added a new customised ASIC to its line of hardware firewall and VPN appliances.
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Virus writers outpace traditional AV

Email viruses infecting 10 per cent of users and are costing business millions of pounds each year - even though AV software is used by 95 per cent of companies
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£129 isn't £129 – UK retailers revolt over GameCube RRP

When Nintendo originally announced the GameCube's European launch details, it was meant to retail in the UK at £150, a couple of quid below the €249 RRP at current exchange rates. Retailers were soon up in arms about the slim margins this would leave them with though, and soon the street price had risen to around £165 at most stores.
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UK Gov depts must buy MS servers for 2005 deadline

Last week we asked the UK Cabinet Office to tell us what a DIS box is, but the statement we got in response was somewhat bashful. Getting a complete answer to the question is however extremely important, as a DIS (Departmental Integration Service) box is a necessary component for government departments and local authorities to purchase if they're going to get online with the Government Gateway.
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Chip market has bottomed out – STMicro

STMicroelectronics NV believes that its revenue bottomed out in the first three months of the current year and is looking for revenue growth of more than 10% in the current quarter. President and CEO Pasquale Pistorio said this expected growth in sales is expected to reflect strengthened demand from virtually all its end …
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Infineon sees demand rise

Infineon Technologies AG says that in the last quarter it has seen growing demand in all of its business segments, especially for memory products. However, for the second quarter to March 31, it posted a net loss of 108m euros ($95.8m) down from income of 23m euros ($20.4m) on revenue of 1.38bn euros ($1.22bn), down from 1 …
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AT&T Wireless does better than expected

AT&T Wireless seems to be braving the crisis in the US telecoms market, and has reported a better first-quarter performance than Wall Street had expected. The company managed to add 650,000 customers in the first quarter, considerably better than the earlier estimates of between 425,000 and 600,000, taking its total customer base to 19.5 million.
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IBM releases new Web Service tools

IBM Corp has released two brand new alpha products together with version 3.0 of its tried and tested Web Services Toolkit, in a bid to capture the hearts and minds of service providers as well as developers. Web Services Hosting Technology comprises a set of management tools for setting up and running revenue-generating …

Storage Tank on its way, IBM says

IBM Corp has promised that its almost mythical Storage Tank software will emerge next year as the market's first heterogeneous file system, alongside an in-band in-house developed virtualization system, Tim Stammers writes. The promise of a file system which can support multiple source operating systems is great enough …

Intel and Symbian unveil mobile device alliance

As we suggested yesterday, today's big announcement from the Symbian Developer Expo is the Intel-Symbian one, which means that the two mobile phone platform partners Microsoft announced at GSM World Congress, TI and Intel, are now both announced Symbian partners.
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MS to confirm Hammer support

This afternoon, East Coast time, AMD will hold a conference call to update the world on "significant developments" on Hammer.

Juniper unveils monster router

Juniper Networks, chief competitor to Cisco in the high-end routing market, has unveiled a monster high speed router designed for the core of service provider networks.
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BT spells out plan for broadband domination

BT Retail has unveiled its plans to dominate the UK's consumer broadband market in a move that could leave a lasting mark on the ISP industry.
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UK firms hacked off with BT broadband

BT today acknowledged that it has to do more to make its broadband service more robust and reliable.
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Write your own Eden creation story

Competition Modern life seems to move at an ever-increasing pace, and nowhere is this lust for speed more evident than in computing. With a foot flat on the accelerator and one eye on the clock speed, we seem to have forgotten a gentler, more sedate age.
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Clash of the Sandbags : Carly, Walter go to court

Even in her dotage, we suspect, Carly Fiorina will feel some trepidation before answering the doorbell. Instead of the regular Meals on Wheels guy, or the home help, there will be Walter B Hewlett delivering a severed horse's head.
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Criminal BillG? Etymology of 'Itanic'… and Columbine's back

Letters Another hiatus in the Letters page. I hit the road to see the dusty glories of Arizona for a few days in early March, and on the way back stopped off at what I'm now convinced is America's Greatest Work of Art. Since late last year, you can walk right through it, and if you're in need of spiritual uplift, I can't recommend it enough. It's awesome. [Fantastic. Now get on with the Letters - ed.]