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UK Govt backs talking fridges

The UK Government is pledging £20 million to help develop intelligent fridges and conscientious boilers.
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US courts claim jurisdiction over Sklyarov

A Federal judge has turned down a motion to dismiss the prosecution of ElcomSoft in the first case brought under America's controversial Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).
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Sun to debut high-end servers next Tuesday, too

Sun Microsystems Inc says that it will "unleash" another high-end server in its Sun Fire family of UltraSparc-III servers next Tuesday, Timothy Prickett Morgan writes. Exactly what Sun is up to is unclear, but it is probably not a coincidence that IBM Corp is set to make its pSeries 670 debut on April 9, the same day that …
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Taiwan PC vendors see patchy March

Taiwan PC makers did not shift as much equipment as expected in March, preliminary research from Merrill Lynch suggests. Motherboard shipments look set to be 12% to 13% up on February, well under the 17% rise originally expected. However, notebooks should hit the 20% growth rate expected. Overall, growth should be around …
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MS President Belluzzo resigns

Microsoft Corp is losing its president and COO, Rick Belluzzo, after one year on the job, in a reorganization which will see the firm's business groups assume greater accountability, Kevin Murphy writes. Belluzzo, who will leave his position at the end of May and the company in September, said he intends to head his own …
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Michael Dell does not wear cowboy boots

Michael Dell does not wear cowboy boots, he drinks water from a bottle, but not in front of a camera, and his flunkeys scatter notebooks whenever he descends upon his factory in Limerick, so he can check email wherever he stops.
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Gateway waves goodbye to tech support firm

Gateway has given notice to quit its tech outsourcing contract with Sykes Enterprises, after failing to agree better terms. The contract ends in June.
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MS contract saves world from Compaq Harry Potter PC

Microsoft's OEM agreements have a positive side after all, apparently. In antitrust trial testimony AOL VP John Borthwick reveals that they saved us from several varieties of computers from hell, including a nightmarish-sounding "Harry Potter PC."
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DDR333 modules get OK for VIA chipsets

VIA is stepping up the PR pace for its DDR333-supporting chipsets.
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Lego pays homage to Lord of the Rings

What is this obsession with Lego? First we had Lego porn! Hot and plasticky.
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BTo broadband gets the brush-off

BTopenworld - which is chucking £10 million at marketing its broadband service - has been spotted holding a photo shoot at Stansted airport.
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Flash glitch throttles bandwidth

A problem in Flash Player 6 means users are unable to stop the download of large files once they have been started, resulting in a bandwidth drain to surfers.
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Swiss Energis heads for the hills

Energis' Swiss business is expected to begin insolvency proceedings after its troubled UK parent confirmed today that it would no longer continue funding the operation.
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Nuking MS Messenger

We've been blessed with scores of memos from readers offering numerous tips for nuking Microsoft Messenger, since we reported that an update which MS is touting as 'critical' sneakily re-installs it.

LINX lights up 10Gbps Ethernet network

Updated again LINX, the UK's main peering centre for ISPs, has become the first European organisation to implement 10 Gigabit Ethernet.
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Dell pushes up Q1 estimates

Dell has revised its sales guidance upwards, or rather less downwards, for Q1. The PC giant now expects revenues to come in at $7.9bn, 2 per cent less than the previous quarter. On February 16, the company forecast lower sales of 3 to 5 per cent.
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MS secures contract for NHS health portal spec

The UK's National Health Service Information Authority has awarded a single tender for the specification of national electronic health record system to Microsoft, which does seem to suggest that a certain company will do well out of the ensuing project. The decision was taken at the NHSIA management board meeting on 7 February, and will initially be worth £250,000.
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AltaVista in “Bible club” web search porn outrage

Let's face it, it's difficult enough to protect web-surfing kids from a barrage of filth and pornography without apparently innocent search engine queries pointing your impressionable offspring to the hardest XXXX sites on the web.
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Telewest mocks BT for ‘unlimited’ slap

Telewest was in impish mood today when they pitched up outside BT's HQ in London to poke fun at the monster telco's latest brush with the adverting watchdog.
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Think before you use your mobile overseas – Oftel

Oftel has published some research in a bid to raise awareness about using mobile phones abroad.
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Weak crypto casts shadow over ecommerce

US export restrictions and local legislation on cryptography still casts a shadow over the security of ecommerce site even years after regulations to permit the use of strong encryption.

Anti-Unix site returns – on MySQL?

The Microsoft/Unisys promotional site wehavethewayout.com, which has added so much gaiety to our lives in recent days, has returned.
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TiVo recorders ‘unusable’ with Philips TVs

Updated Users of TiVo's digital video recorder are reporting a number of bizarre glitches in how the device interacts with recent models of Philips TVs.
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Apple buys FireWire biz

Apple has bought Zayante, a designer of chips and software for FireWire, the high speed connectivity standard of choice for the iMac.
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Apple tarts up Nvidia drivers

Apple today released a new Nvidia driver for IMacs running on OS 9.2.2. This will improve "stability and compatibility of Nvidia cards in the PowerMac G4 when used in combination with the Matrox RTMac Card."