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You've got Blogs! AOL buys into homegrown media

"AOL gets it! Steve Case gets it!" beamed Dave Winer today, after brokering a deal that sees two hundred of the most popular weblogs become part of the AOL-Time Warner publishing empire.
Our correspondent, 01 Apr 2002

Cumulative IE patch for malicious cookies

A fairly serious flaw in Internet Explorer which would enable a malicious Web page or e-mail to drop a cookie containing an HTML script on a victim's machine and run it in the 'Local Computer' zone rather than the Internet zone to avoid restrictions has just been patched.
Thomas C Greene, 01 Apr 2002

Win-NT, 2K debug process gives up control

A security hole in Win-NT and 2K could enable an attacker to take control by exploiting a flaw in the debugging subsystem (SMSS). Radim "EliCZ" Picha has demonstrated that it's possible for an unprivileged user to execute debug processes in the System context.
Thomas C Greene, 01 Apr 2002

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