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Yoga Inside? Not if Intel has its way

This time of year we are inundated with spoof press releases, sundry practical jokers, and the like; and ever since, three years ago, when we fell for an April Fool's joke - albeit for 15 minutes - sent to us a couple of days early, we are on high alert for bogus stories.
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Doubleclick squares privacy suit

Doubleclick, the world's biggest online ad serving company, is coughing up $1.8m in legal fees and costs to settle all privacy class actions against the company.
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Bastardman and Robin

Episode 6 Episode 6 BOFH 2002: Episode 6 So The PFY and I are at some fundraiser that a vendor's slipped us tickets for when I happen to glance at the night sky, and notice the Horned Phone image in the clouds, which can only mean one thing - Commissioner Gordon needs us. I signal quietly to The PFY that we're needed by tipping …