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Make Microsoft pay for bugs and BSODs – Sun's Gage

Sun's chief scientist John Gage was a hit with Register readers the last time we spoke, two years ago with his prediction that computers could eventually disturb the heat balance of the universe. (That was before the Pentium4 was released, and he's right on target).
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Mar 2002

Nokia 6310: sore thumbs

Review What Mobile first previewed the 6310 in April 2001, and it was expected at the end of last year. After all the software issues that plagued the 6210 (every owner I know needed a software upgrade) I think we can forgive Nokia for not rushing this model out.
Simon Rockman, 29 Mar 2002

Is your business ready for the E-Commerce Regulations?

Recent online pricing mistakes by Kodak and Komplett have highlighted a number of problems facing e-tailers and all those whose conduct business on the Internet. The E-Commerce Directive seeks to resolve some of these problems by creating a legal framework in which businesses and consumers have clear rights and obligations.
Michael Archer, 29 Mar 2002

European IT spend is flatter than a flat pancake

ComputerWire, 29 Mar 2002

Gartner warns of ‘inappropriate’ Oracle sales tactics

ComputerWire, 29 Mar 2002

Teoma preps relaunch, wants to be Google-beater

ComputerWire, 29 Mar 2002

Ireland gets three bids for four 3G licenses

ComputerWire, 29 Mar 2002

Intel launches 2.4GHz P4 (next week)

Intel next week launches the 2.4GHz Pentium 4, replacing the 2.2GHz version, as its fastest desktop P4.
Drew Cullen, 29 Mar 2002

PC makers hike prices – in Asia

Last week it was Apple: this week it is the turn of Japanese PC makers NEC and Sony and Korean maker Trigem to follow suit.
Drew Cullen, 29 Mar 2002

KaZaA ruled perfectly legal

The Dutch courts have dealt a blow to copyright fascism by ruling that KaZaA can't be punished simply because its software might be abused. A previous ruling against KaZaA won by Dutch copyright enforcement syndicate Buma Stemra has been overturned on appeal.
Thomas C Greene, 29 Mar 2002

Windows on a database – sliced and diced by BeOS vets

After we wrote about Microsoft's plans to put a database into each copy of Windows as the native file store back in January, we were delighted to hear from two system architects for whom this news was really old hat.
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Mar 2002

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