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Marconi pulls out of credit talks with banks

Marconi has ditched plans to seek an extended line of credit after concluding that the current downturn in telecoms equipment spending will last longer than forecast. In other words, it does not think it will sell enough kit to pay back the extra money it would owe.
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Home broadband market to hit $88bn by 2007

The residential market for broadband access will be worth around $88 billion by 2007, an estimated sevenfold increase in revenue over the next five years.
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Compaq recalls defective iPAQ SD memory card

Compaq has issued a customer advisory notice for the SD memory card. This may fail "after a short period of use" in the iPAQ H3800 Series Pocket PC, the company says.
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Motorola & Nortel ‘merging wireless kit divisions’

US electronics giant Motorola Inc is planning to sell its mobile network business to Canadian networkingquipment vendor Nortel Networks Corp - although there are said to be issues about how Nortel, which alongside Lucent Technologies Inc, appears to be on the brink of financial collapse as demand for telecoms and networking equipment has nose-dived in the last 18 months. Nortel and Motorola both refuse to comment on the rumors.
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Oracle plans $1bn app outsourcing push

Oracle Corp is planning a major offensive into the application outsourcing market, which it hopes will generate $1bn in additional sales over the next five years, John O'Brien writes . Speaking at an analyst conference, chief financial officer Jeff Henley said: "There is a multibillion-dollar growth opportunity for Oracle …
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Show me a (European) home where the GPRS roams

Vodafone has introduced GPRS roaming across Europe - a first from a mobile operator, it says.
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Computacenter confirms £150m BT gig

Computacenter today confirmed that it has won an outsourcing contract worth £150 million over five years to supply desktop services to BT.
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Registry hack turns XP Pro into server, vice versa

A routine currently circulating on the web reawakens the old controversy over how different the workstation and server versions actually are. NTSwitch, apparently produced by Hungarian outfit 3am Labs, is claimed to allow various versions of Microsoft workstation operating systems to be turned into server versions, and vice versa.
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Infineon touts 1GB DDR part

Infineon today announced the release of engineering samples of 1GB DDR SDRAM modules. The company also says it has demonstrated working 2GB DIMMS last month at the Intel Developer's Forum. And it's giving another showing to the 2GB beast, running on Intel's Plumas/Prestonia platform, at JEDEX this week in Santa Clara.

Bell Labs sets distance record for optical transmissions

Boffins at Bell Labs, the research and development arm of Lucent Technologies, have doubled the distance record for high-bandwidth, ultra long-distance transmission by sending 2.56 terabits of information per second over a distance 4,000km.
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Snook joins Carphone Warehouse

Hans Snook, the founder of Orange, is joining Carphone Warehouse, Europe's biggest mobile phone retailer, as non-exec chairman.

Orange to increase SMS charges

Orange is increasing the cost of sending a text message for some of its subscribers.
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Novell spoofs XP flying people – video

We're grateful to Reg reader Mike Brady for the following link to a Novell spoof video poking fun at the XP flying people ad campaign. It's short, so we won't spoil it for you.
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MS planned to keep secure music APIs secret – Allchin

A small section of Jim Allchin's deposition for the Microsoft trial we'd overlooked until now casts an interesting light on the way Microsoft had been planning to give itself an edge in secure music distribution. Jim tells us that in accordance with the commitments the company has made in the Revised Proposed Final Judgment (RPFJ, the document agreed with the DoJ) it won't be doing that after all, but we're not entirely sure about that, considering.
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Virgin.net wins PeoplePC gig

Virgin.net has won exclusive UK ISP rights for PeoplePC, the supplier of corporate PCs-for-the-workforce at home.
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Intel PR berating AMD PR rating

Recently, we noted the different benchmarks recorded by two P4s both running at the same clock speed, but with different cores. Intel's decision to distinguish the two CPUs with the use of an 'A' muddied its message, in the consumer space, that clock speed is everything, we argued. Add a letter to the clock rating and you're fuzzing into part numbers, we said.
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Picture this: image-based passwords

Darko Kirovski, cryptography and anti-piracy researcher at Microsoft, last week showed the press a prototype of an image-based password system at the software giant's offices in Mountain View, California.