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Canada mulls blank CDR, MP3 player tax

The Canadian government is mulling copyright levy proposals which will see a royalty charge of CAN$1.23 imposed on each blank CDR, and CAN$100 added to each MP3 player sold in the country.
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eBay hacker trashes bail with caps-lock defence

Accused eBay hacker Jerome Heckenkamp is back behind bars tonight, after his first solo court appearance in front of his trial judge took an odd turn. During what was to be a routine proceeding to set future court dates, Heckenkamp challenged the indictment against him on the grounds that it spells his name, Jerome T. …
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Senator ‘Cheesy Chuck’ Schumer phears the virus

Poor worm, thou art infected! I mean the computer virus, not its target. Its image ripe and diseased with grand fictions, the gravity and nature of the computer virus phenomenon, as far as the public understands it, is now whatever anyone with the microphone says it is. To wit: "A more technologically sophisticated Timothy …
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Yahoo! pedo! community! busted!

They took away their bullets and stuck them in front of computers in the office where they can't do too much harm. They thought their careers were over, but posing as thirteen-year-old girls in chatrooms can yield prosecutorial pay dirt once in a while when the moon is right. And sure enough, untrusted FBI Special Agents nailed ninety slobbering pedos which Yahoo! was sheltering in its 'Candyman' egroups online community. Kudos, ladies and gentlemen; you may well have earned your bullets back.

Sun saves Clustra from enemy clutches

Clustra Systems Inc, a database software vendor which specializes in clustered, high-availability databases that are required by telecoms and service providers, was acquired a few weeks ago by partner and investor Sun Microsystems Inc it has emerged, Timothy Prickett Morgan writes. Clustra Systems seems to have run up …
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RealNetworks unveils Pocket PC player

RealNetworks Inc yesterday released a version of its RealOne Player for Microsoft Corp's Pocket PC operating system, and said Compaq Computer Corp will be the first OEM to ship a device with the software bundled. Ian Freed, general manager of media systems at RealNetworks, said how the software is shipped - preinstalled or …
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Hynix creditor claims major progress in Micron talks

The Korea Exchange Bank (KEB), one of the biggest creditors of Hynix Semiconductor Inc, said yesterday that Micron Technology Inc is close to agreeing the acquisition of Hynix's DRAM business. Recognizing that frequent rumors of imminent agreement have failed to be confirmed in the past, the KEB vp Lee Youn-soo said that " …
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Novell supports XML – again

Novell Inc has re-emphasized its support for XML-based standards in a belated attempt to steal a slice of the emerging web services market from Microsoft Corp, Sun Microsystems Inc and IBM, and revive its moribund fortunes. Provo, Utah-based Novell also extended an alliance with BEA Systems Inc, forged with Cambridge …
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Aussie cops and Feds use DIRT

The DIRT files Our recent item Cyber cops & security orgs: DIRTy, stupid and out of control touched on the pathetic federation of fools, patsies and malicious creeps which comprises the international securocracy.
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Microsoft ‘killed Dell Linux’ – States

Microsoft sharpshooter Joachim Kempin, who was convicted of illegally shooting antelope in Montana in 1998, has been turning his guns on a more familiar target: Microsoft's own OEM customers.
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Affinity revenues and losses up

Shares in Affinity Internet Holdings - the UK telecoms and Internet outfit - slipped in early trading after the company reported increased turnover and widening losses.
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SCH saves Metrologie from the knackers

Specialist Computer Holdings, Europe's biggest - or is it the second biggest, we can never remember - computer dealership, has snapped up Metrologie France and Metrologie Systems from Europa IT.
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Window v. Lindows – round one to underdog

Lindows.com has won the first round in its legal trademark battle against Microsoft.
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UK Govt earmarks £30m spending on broadband

The UK Government has finally said how it intends to spend £30 million in bringing broadband to rural areas - more than a year after it first pledged the cash.
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Setback for security through obscurity scheme

A proposal on the "responsible disclosure of security vulnerabilities" has been withdrawn from consideration by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), after criticism that the issue was too political to be decided by the Net's prime technical standards body.
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MS Stinger smartphones finally poised to ship

Mobile phones based on Microsoft's Stinger smartphone platform are finally set to ship, with the UK's Sendo likely to be the first. Yesterday Sendo announced that it would be supplying handsets, starting with its Z100 smartphone, to US carrier Cingular Wireless, while at CeBIT Sendo said the phone would be available in Europe from the beginning of June.

Orange network down again (some of it)

Tens of thousands of Orange subscribers are unable to make or receive calls today because of equipment failure on the mobile operator's network.
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Foreigners must pay for Times online

Foreigners will have to pay to read The Times online, with tariffs levied on 10 separate channels. The newspaper, part of the Murdoch empire, says it can identify overseas visitors with "90 per cent accuracy,".
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Novell in talks to bundle eDirectory on Linux servers

Novell is in talks with IBM and Red Hat about bundling its eDirectory services with Linux servers.
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Intel sharpens twin blades

Intel today launched a twin set of 800MHz Tualatin PIIIs, the first dualie, it says for the low power ulta dense blade server segment.
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Coming soon: 4,096 mutant versions of Windows

In his opening statement in the unsettling States' antitrust action yesterday Microsoft attorney Dan Webb explained the maths of Steve Ballmer's millions of versions of Windows nightmare, and promised much in the way of fireworks to come. The States' opening statement we can pass over unremarked, because we knew what they were going to say anyway, so it is Microsoft's defence that at this juncture provides the interest.
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Why Microsoft's EU ‘concession’ is no concession at all

Microsoft announced an "olive branch" to the EU last week, by offering to document the interfaces to its file and print server protocols. But the offer is less generous than it appears.
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Pennsylvania orders ISPs to censor the Net

Child-protective mania has given State of Pennsylvania a pretext to indulge in Internet censorship. The legislature has passed a law requiring ISPs to block access to child porn websites. Under the scheme, PA residents will have to be prevented from accessing the sites, which will be identified by the state attorney general's office.
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HP declares victory (and no you can't see the votes)

Hewlett-Packard today declared its victory in the proxy battle to takeover Compaq by a small majority. It bases this on a tally of the votes from major institutional shareholders. So all you retail shareholders, your proxy votes are important only insofar as the size of the majority.
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Walter cheered, Carly jeered at HP merger vote

Although HP today offered about as much empirical evidence that it's going to win the Sircam merger vote as you find accompanying a report of an alien abduction, that didn't dent its confidence.