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Sorenson advances on video codec market

ComputerWire, 18 Mar 2002

Microsoft secures Passport while lobbying interest groups

ComputerWire, 18 Mar 2002

Reg hack ‘helps’ CNN with bare knuckle boxing probe

Ok, the game's up - I've been rumbled. For the last five months the staff at Vulture Central have been wondering why on earth a man whose duties consist almost entirely of supervising Indonesian children at the Cash'n'Carrion Reg merchandising warehouse would occasionally lapse into a fit of uncontrollable chuckling.
Lester Haines, 18 Mar 2002

All of McAfee, why don't you take…

Network Associates wants to buy the 25 per cent of McAfee.com it doesn't already own, in a stock deal worth approx. $208.2 million
John Leyden, 18 Mar 2002

Cyber cops & security orgs: DIRTy, stupid and out of control

The DIRT filesA number of what one would hope to call professional computer security and cyber law-enforcement figures in England, Australia, South America and Asia appear to have been duped by DIRT Trojan marketer Francis Edward "Frank" Jones, according to documents obtained by The Register.
Thomas C Greene, 18 Mar 2002

EU closes AOL UK VAT loophole (but not yet)

AOL will have to start charging UK customers VAT - from July 1, 2003, bringing it into line with British ISP rivals.
Drew Cullen, 18 Mar 2002

Motorola v70: good looking, but not compelling

Review The Motorola v70 is a startling new phone with a brushed titanium look finish, aimed at the fashion conscious user. The most striking thing about it is its unique rotating mechanism. The sliding front panel revolves through 360 degrees to reveal a flattened keypad.
Simon Rockman, 18 Mar 2002

Nvidia intros DDR333 support for nForce

CeBITNvidia is to introduce support for DDR333 fast memory with the 615-D and the 620-D, the latest members of the nForce chipset family.
Drew Cullen, 18 Mar 2002

Nvidia hit with securities fraud suit

Nvidia has been slapped with a class action suit alleging securities fraud.
Drew Cullen, 18 Mar 2002

Website downtime cost UK plc £565m last year

Web site downtime cost UK businesses more £565 million in 2001 and is set to cost even more this year.
John Leyden, 18 Mar 2002

Super DIRT Trojan to infect indiscriminately

The DIRT filesOur friend Frank Jones of Codex Data Systems has been busy with a number of projects associated with his loathsome DIRT Trojan, most notably one which seeks to distribute the infection indiscriminately. Cryptome's John Young has posted an HTML version of Jones' PowerPoint slide show, and from this we gather that Jones either has, or is struggling to develop, a super-malicious strain of his little viral toy.
Thomas C Greene, 18 Mar 2002

Microsoft's Mira – take smart display, maim, serve

It sounds like a great idea - a dinky little LCD display unit you can just pick up and wander around the house with, while at the same time having access to all your stuff on the PC. But the trouble is that the more you look at Microsoft's Mira, the more the device's nagging contradictions and limitations jump up and bite you. The Register missed both Bullhorn Ballmer and Mira at CeBIT, but this afternoon was lucky enough to pick up the Mira roadshow on its own as it swung through London on the return leg.
John Lettice, 18 Mar 2002

Vegas commission probes vice hacks

Kevin Poulsen, 18 Mar 2002

Board member sues ICANN

ICANN board member Karl Auerbach is suing the organization in order to gain access to corporate records.
Andrew Orlowski, 18 Mar 2002

Taking the piss is banned in South Carolina

Taking the piss from online vendors is officially banned in the South Carolina, following a Supreme Court (yes, Supreme Court!) ruling.
Drew Cullen, 18 Mar 2002

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