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EFF BOFH arrested

Marc Perkel, sysadmin at the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco, has been arrested by LA police department.
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Mar 2002

Those techs raped your stupid mind good

FOTWOur recent item, Win-XP kills Verizon DSL, has attracted over two hundred notes of appreciation and solidarity, and one flame. That's right, only one; but it just doesn't get any better than this:
Thomas C Greene, 13 Mar 2002

Compuware launches antitrust suit against IBM

ComputerWire, 13 Mar 2002

You got the LOOX

CeBITFujitsu Siemens makes its big play for the high-end PDA biz next week with the official 'launch' of the Pocket LOOX.
Drew Cullen, 13 Mar 2002

RealNetworks clinches Nokia mobile phone player deal

ComputerWire, 13 Mar 2002

IBM unleashes 8-way Foster Xeon servers

ComputerWire, 13 Mar 2002

AMD aims high in Hannover

CeBITAMD announced three new high-end CPUs, coinciding nicely with the first day at CeBIT, the world's biggest computer show.
Drew Cullen, 13 Mar 2002

Email more popular than letters

Email is more popular than snail mail, according NetValue.
Tim Richardson, 13 Mar 2002
Cat 5 cable

Lucent expects recovery to be delayed

Beleaguered telecoms equipment vendor Lucent has issued another profits warning, which advises that it expects its return into the black will be delayed until next year.
John Leyden, 13 Mar 2002

Murdoch company cracked our smartcard, claims Canal+

A row has broken out among pay TV companies after Canal+ alleged in a lawsuit that rival NDS arranged for the posting of information on how to crack the encryption used in its digital TV smartcards on a pirate Web site.
John Leyden, 13 Mar 2002

Factoring gains won't break strong crypto – Schneier

Concerns that improvements in factoring technology might make it easier to break large key length encryption codes are misplaced, according to noted cryptographer Bruce Schneier.
John Leyden, 13 Mar 2002

Intel adopts PR rating/ part number shock?

Clock speed is the bane of AMD's life, especially when it comes to marketing processors to retail customers.
Drew Cullen, 13 Mar 2002

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