12th March 2002 Archive

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  • PGP dies of neglect – your alternatives

    A key for all seasons

    Letters 12 06:26

  • Blog almighty!

    Your take on the techno-utopians' triumphalism

    Letters 12 06:26

  • World's most interesting computer in jeopardy

    Cray's MTA goes MIA

    Channel 12 07:55

  • Corrections and Carrionifications

    Blogs, Macs, PGP and Greene phlegm

    Letters 12 08:12

  • Gerstner's long and lucrative goodbye

    Saver of IBM (shurely saviour? - Ed)

    Business 12 10:52

  • StarOffice creator pitches for devices, mobile companies

    What mobile phones did next

    Mobile 12 11:15

  • Netimperative.com looks for buyer

    Receivers called in

    Media 12 11:23

  • HP, Compaq in pre-vote channel stuffing claim

    Hangover tomorrow

    Media 12 11:24

  • *Nix security pandemic – major zlib/libz vuln

    It's inside the walls, under the rug, in the ventilator shafts...

    Data Networking 12 12:10

  • Next-gen mobiles to feature at London Symbian Devexpo

    At last, they're (nearly) here...

    Mobile 12 12:24

  • DSL cartographers map Scotland

    It's about demand, stoopid

    Media 12 12:26

  • Ballmer: Redmond überdog will act responsibly

    No more pogoing round the podium then...

    Software 12 12:45

  • Taiwan notebook business scents upturn

    But still held back by LCD costs

    Business 12 12:49

  • GPRS, colour, MMS to fuel Q3-Q4 phone bounce back

    Slow trade in the interim, says Gartner

    Mobile 12 12:56

  • Would you pay $5 to rescue Mandrake?

    They sure hope so

    Software 12 13:28

  • Cost the key factor in pushing business to open source

    Survey says they're ready, but identifies key worries

    Software 12 13:59

  • IDC sees bottom of server market, predicts recovery

    Worldwide server revenues down 26% in Q4

    Data Centre 12 14:00

  • 1m Orange punters hit by glitch

    Network loses zest for some hours

    Mobile 12 14:03

  • MS to offer Europe extra antitrust ‘concessions’

    But the beef is not yet entirely visible...

    Software 12 16:54

  • 54Mbps WLANs roll in UK, Netherlands

    Intel to ship 802.11a kit to select European countries by July

    Mobile 12 17:08

  • Dabs scores Xbox web-pricing own goal

    Botch bundled off site PDQ

    Personal 12 17:16

  • ‘Boob’ makes Fool disappear

    Worst case - dozyfool.co.uk's probably available

    Media 12 17:20

  • WLAN kit heads towards £50 mark

    Broadband driving consumer demand as prices drop

    Mobile 12 17:29

  • Why isn't SMT Xeon scaling?

    Xeon MP wheezes in

    Channel 12 21:52