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Virgin wants to bed Playboy

Virgin Mobile could give its punters access to soft core porn if negotiations with Playboy prove successful.
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Vizzavi scraps ISP for new recruits

Vizzavi - the Internet/cellphone portal backed by Vodafone and Vivendi - is refusing to accept new punters for its unmetered fixed line ISP service.
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VIA preps very small mobo

VIA Technologies is expected to launch a very small format motherboard this month. Called the mini-ITX, the fully integrated mobo measures up at 170mm x170mm (yes, it's square), making 50 per cent smaller than the FlexATX form factor, VIA claims.
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Widescreen TV gunman shoots himself in the head – twice

Update A gunman who took hostages in the Rembrandttoren office complex in Amsterdam today, shot himself in the head - twice. Yes, he's dead. His hostages are safe, so all's well that ends well.
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AOL embraces Linux and Mozilla, plans to drop MS Explorer

Sources inside AOL and Red Hat say AOL is making a major internal switch to Linux, and the long-rumored AOL default browser switch from Microsoft's Internet Explorer to Mozilla -- or at least Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine -- is well under way, but AOL will probably not offer an AOL client for Linux in the forseeable future.
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Shareware payment biz collapses

Shareware authors face an anxious wait to find out if they will receive any money following the demise of RegisterHouse.com, which has filed for voluntary liquidation.
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SMT Xeons count double for Win2k Server licences

The introduction of Intel's new Hyper-Threading technology is providing Microsoft with a handy mechanism for getting more money from Windows 2000 Server customers, for encouraging users to switch over to Windows .NET Server, or both. It kind of depends on how .NET Server pricing pans out, but as far as Win2k Server goes it's already clear that people wanting to use the extra oomph in the new Xeons are going to have to stump up.
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US pension fund giant to oppose HP-Compaq merger

The biggest pension fund in the US came out against the merger of Hewlett Packard Co and Compaq Computer Corp on Friday, marking a bitter end to what had been a sweet week for the pro-merger camp.
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AOL plans cable acquisitions as broadband boss goes

AOL Time Warner Inc has joined the group of companies circling Europe's debt-burdened cable operators as it seeks to develop its broadband strategy following the set-back in December 2001 when it lost the battle for AT&T's Broadband cable division to Comcast Corp. Chairman Steve Case told French business daily Les Echoes …
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Creative snaps up 3DLabs

Creative Labs is beefing up its graphics business with the $170m agreed takeover of 3DLabs. The deal is constructed two-thirds cash/one third stock.

Mobile phone sales drop

Global sales of mobile phones fell for the first time last year, according to boffins at Gartner.
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Visiontek pumps up Europe campaign

Visiontek, the US retail graphics board specialist, is the first company to launch a high-end Nvidia TI4600 graphics card in Europe.
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Porn purveyor charged with purloining Army bandwidth

A man has being charged with conning the US Army into providing high-speed access to video feeds from his porno Web site by pretending it was a communication link for NATO forces in Bosnia.
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Jim Allchin on the WinXP component question

Steve Ballmer's paranoid fantasies about how many zillions of versions of Windows there would have to be if the States got their way were one way of dealing with the issue of componentisations of Windows, but the deposition of fellow MS exec Jim Allchin seems to have covered the issue in a more rational way.

Win-XP kills Verizon DSL

On Friday morning my Verizon DSL Internet access died. This was hardly unusual, so I paid it no mind and simply took an unscheduled long weekend. But Saturday morning it was still dead, and there were no reports of service outages in my area. Clearly this would require some looking into.
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ICQ hack theories flood into Vulture Central

Our recent story about a possible mass hack of ICQ inspired many of you to turn sleuth.
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Computers and human language: a new website

The University of Brighton has set up a Web site dedicated to computer systems which can speak and understand ordinary human language.