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Two weeks for Ford workers to download porno email

Ford has offered British staff a two-week amnesty to remove pornographic e-mails or other questionable material from their PCs. After this, Ford will carry out random spot-checks on employee email.
John Leyden, 07 Mar 2002

Net law expert slams domain dispute process

The process for deciding ownership of Internet domains is flawed, biased and in drastic need of reform, an expert in Internet and e-commerce law has concluded in a study released today.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Mar 2002

Nokia, Symbian score blockbuster Samsung phone win

ExclusiveAccording to our most reliable sources, who have proved very reliable indeed recently, Samsung has signed a deal with Nokia to license the latter's Series 60 user interface for smartphones.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Mar 2002

mmO2 mulls solus supplier for 3G networks

ComputerWire, 07 Mar 2002

RealNetworks the Buffer Slayer

ComputerWire, 07 Mar 2002

IBM preps AIX 5L 5.2 for October release

ComputerWire, 07 Mar 2002

If we'd kept fighting MS we'd have lost, DoJ tells judge

The US Department of Justice, now firm buddies with Microsoft in arguing for the acceptance of the antitrust action settlement, claimed yesterday that the deal it struck with the company is better than it could have achieved if it had gone on fighting. Furthermore, claimed DoJ attorney Philip Beck, if agreement hadn't been achieved the DoJ would have been on a loser: "an uphill battle that likely would have been resolved against us."
John Lettice, 07 Mar 2002

‘Mobile underclass’ rules rural Britain

Rural Britain is in danger of fostering a new underclass of people unable to exploit the benefits of the knowledge economy.
Tim Richardson, 07 Mar 2002

MS takes a bow in court

As we reported earlier, the US government says it never had a chance to beat MS in court, so the settlement is the best that can be hoped for.
Thomas C Greene, 07 Mar 2002

Java phones to go mega this year?

Japan's number three mobile phone company, J-Phone, has claimed another 370,600 users for its 'picture phone' service in the last month, bringing the total up to just under 4 million, or a third of its total users. Rivals KDDI and DoCoMo are also offering high bandwidth, high ticket picture services, and the success of such systems in Japan offers western operators some entrancing clues as to how they can make money out of broadband services, and high-spec handsets.
John Lettice, 07 Mar 2002

Wearable computing to defeat terrorism

Wearable-computing hypemeisters Xybernaut are at it again, this time persuading former Virginia Governor James Gilmore to serve as pitch man for the company's ambition to equip US officials and law enforcement officers with wearable devices to root out terrorists.
Thomas C Greene, 07 Mar 2002

BTopenworld rocked by dotmusic buy

Btopenworld is coughing up "less than £1 million" to buy dotmusic.com from United Business Media (UBM).
Tim Richardson, 07 Mar 2002

Mobile startups dismiss 3G – for now

Relying on 3G is a recipe for trouble for wireless developers. The way to mobile start-up heaven is through exploiting today's technologies.
John Leyden, 07 Mar 2002

Half a billion people online

Half a billion people access the Internet from home according to the latest figures from NetRatings. Actually, the number is 498 million – but it's still an impressive milestone all the same.
Tim Richardson, 07 Mar 2002

All that scratch makes my Xbox itch

Microsoft's Xbox can scratch DVD disks - but not when they're playing. And only in Japan. The scratches are etched on the edge of the DVD-playing side, and are made when the DVDs are placed on the drive tray, Microsoft says.
Drew Cullen, 07 Mar 2002

Forking hell – Ballmer tells how Sun could destroy Windows

We've already touched on the million billion trillion versions of Windows Steve Ballmer says Microsoft would have to do if the Unsettling States had their way, but how, precisely, would this work? Further delving into the transcript of Steve's deposition reveals a chilling, dastardly, Dr Evil plan masterminded by Sun Microsystems.
John Lettice, 07 Mar 2002

MPAA's Valenti gloats over movie profits

At this point I can only conclude there are two Jack Valentis. One of them is the president of the MPAA and rightly proud of the commercial accomplishments of the industry he represents, and the other is an evil doppelganger who lies to Congress on a monthly schedule, serving up great lashings of fear and seeking to enact laws that will make a criminal of anyone who threatens to impede the monopoly that his industry, unique among all, must be permitted to maintain.
Thomas C Greene, 07 Mar 2002

HP refreshes low-end Unix servers

Hewlett-Packard has refreshed its entry level Unix servers with latest PA-8700 processor popped into the one and two-way UNIX boxes.
John Leyden, 07 Mar 2002

i-mode readies German launch

Mobile Internet services will debut in Germany by the end of April after a licensing deal between NTT DoCoMo and German mobile operator E-Plus Mobifunk.
John Leyden, 07 Mar 2002

Handspring Treo arrives in the UK

The Handspring Treo, a combined phone, Palm OS organiser, wireless web browser, SMS & email device, has arrived in the UK.
John Leyden, 07 Mar 2002

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