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Ballmer weeps for Windows – video clip

Microsoft has released carefully-edited highlights from CEO Steve Ballmer's 8 February deposition by lawyers for the non-settling states on a video clip for all to appreciate.
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Judge blocks route to GPL legal test case

Attempts by the Free Software Foundation to turn NuSphere Corp and MySQL AB's contract dispute into a legal test case for the GNU general public license (GPL) seem to have fallen at the first hurdle as the judge hearing the case declined to consider technical arguments. While the GPL is widely recognized as a binding …
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Oracle loses Ellison's Java certification challenge

Oracle Corp risks slipping further behind leading application server rivals and failing to broaden its product appeal to customers, after losing a self-imposed race for Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.3 certification against BEA Systems Inc. Redwood Shores, California-based Oracle failed to achieve J2EE 1.3 …
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HP stays top of the midrange – Gartner

On February 25, HP told the world that it had fortified its lead in the midrange server market with the rp7140, the new 8-way Unix server formerly known as Matterhorn (HP touts advances in self-healing to trump IBM).
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Macromedia Unveils Neo

Macromedia Inc has released more details of its long awaited 'Neo' ColdFusion project, demonstrating a number of forthcoming server software releases at an invitation-only event in San Francisco. The product's official name is ColdFusion MX. The company has also released the next version of Flash, its vector graphics …
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Oracle objects to Reg security coverage

I received an e-mail memo from Oracle Security Product Management Director Mary Ann Davidson taking exception to my recent article, Staying on top of Oracle's holes.
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Tiscali's email service goes tits up

Tiscali has apologised for losing a stack of emails over the weekend following an "unprecedented hardware failure".
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1901 Census farce runs and runs

The re-opening of the 1901 Census site, which crashed as soon as it was launched in early January , has been delayed – yet again.
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NTL to offer 1MB broadband service

NTL is to launch a 1-megabit broadband service for residential users from next Monday.
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Freeserve ups prices for AnyTime service

Freeserve is to increase the cost of its flat-rate narrowband service by an extra £1 a month, the UK's biggest ISP has confirmed.

Foundry casts Ethernet into service provider core

Foundry Networks is offering service providers a cheaper way to build metropolitan Ethernet networks with a range of purpose-built Metro Routers for both MPLS and Layer 2 Metro networks.
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Poison applet blights browsers

Crackers can use a malicious Java applet to hijack Internet sessions - leaving victims not so blissfully unaware.
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Court rules against barcelona.com

A Spanish travel site is considering an appeal against a US court's decision to strip it of its domain name.

New RADIUS vulns exposed

Numerous holes in the ubiquitous RADIUS (remote authentication dial-in user service) protocol can be exploited with results including denial of service and running arbitrary code on the target device, a Russian security researcher has demonstrated. The risk of the DoS attack is considerably greater, and can be achieved two ways.
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MS asks time-out to re-consider states' demands

Microsoft has requested two weeks' additional time to evaluate a clarification by the dissenting states which has put the lie to Redmond's claim that "thousands or millions" of Windows versions would be required if the states get their way, Reuters reports.