4th March 2002 Archive

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  • VIA sales down in February

    Chinese New Year takes most of the blame

    Channel 04 Mar 07:48

  • Samsung preps 400MHz DDR launch

    Ambitious targets

    Channel 04 Mar 08:19

  • A radio on every chip in 10 years

    Radio Free Intel

    Channel 04 Mar 10:16

  • Intel ships P4-M, runs at 1.7GHz

    Power Play

    Channel 04 Mar 10:46

  • Intel chops desktop Celeron prices

    Holds steady on other lines

    Channel 04 Mar 11:23

  • Gameplay castaways make good

    Dotcom afterlife

    e-Business 04 Mar 11:54

  • Dell falls foul of pro-gun lobby

    Combat zone

    Personal 04 Mar 12:06

  • Britney Spears virus fails to chart

    Hit me baby one more time - or not

    Security 04 Mar 12:23

  • All quiet on the malware front

    SirCam leapfrogs BadTrans-B to top virus charts in quiet February

    Security 04 Mar 12:24

  • Malware by numbers: online virus creation tool spotted

    Pirate site for click kiddies

    Security 04 Mar 12:39

  • IE, Outlook run malicious commands without scripting

    No patch, but the workaround works

    Software 04 Mar 13:41

  • Mobile phone masts have low emissions


    Data Networking 04 Mar 13:59

  • C# virus pitched against .NET

    Sharpei is low risk, but worrying

    Security 04 Mar 14:45

  • Nvidia looks Elsawhere for Quadro back-ups

    Hunt is on for new partners

    Channel 04 Mar 15:31

  • Thus cans In2Home ISP


    Media 04 Mar 15:32

  • Removing IE would kill Win2k, WinXP, MS, says Redmond

    Big Red Legal Switch marked 'don't press'

    Software 04 Mar 15:41

  • Use Windows to ‘turn your PC into a love machine’

    No, really, Visio is sexy...

    Bootnotes 04 Mar 16:43

  • Morpheus fesses up to user lockout security breach

    Exchanges insults with former ally KaZaA.com

    Media 04 Mar 20:27

  • Curious employees are biggest security risk

    The devil inside

    Security 04 Mar 20:35

  • One.Tel cuts cost of broadband


    Broadband 04 Mar 20:38

  • FT.com, Slashdot, GeoCities flag up charges

    And more on Avantgo

    e-Business 04 Mar 21:43