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VIA sales down in February

VIA Technologies' sales came in at US$65.6m (NT$ 2.3bn) for February. This is around 15 per cent lower than January - not so surprising as most of its customers take a week off in Feb to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
Drew Cullen, 04 Mar 2002

Samsung preps 400MHz DDR launch

Samsung is to go into volume production of DDR400 SDRAM 128Mb memory in Q2. The world's biggest DRAM maker is already sampling the fast memory chip with its major customers - and it is gunning for $300m worth of sales from the graphics-targeted device in 2002.
Drew Cullen, 04 Mar 2002

A radio on every chip in 10 years

ComputerWire, 04 Mar 2002

Intel ships P4-M, runs at 1.7GHz

Intel today started shipping the P4-M, the first notebook chip to incorporate the Pentium 4 Northwood core. The P4-M has a clock speed of 1.7GHz, uses the new DDR-supporting mobile 845 chipset, and is supposed to be 43 per cent faster than its nearest PIII mobile antecedent.
Drew Cullen, 04 Mar 2002

Intel chops desktop Celeron prices

Intel today refreshes its OEM price lists, last updated at the end of January. And whaddya know - all remains the same, except for the bargain basement desktop Celerons.
Drew Cullen, 04 Mar 2002

Gameplay castaways make good

So what do you do when the dotcom you work for goes titsup.com? Retire to the hills to become a freelance shepherd?
Tim Richardson, 04 Mar 2002

Dell falls foul of pro-gun lobby

The USA's awesomely powerful pro-gun lobby is taking aim at Dell, after the patriotic Texan, PC maker, refused to take an order from a prominent American pistolsmith.
Drew Cullen, 04 Mar 2002

Britney Spears virus fails to chart

An email-borne virus that tries to spread by tricking users into clicking an attachment that promises a picture of Britney Spears has found few takers.
John Leyden, 04 Mar 2002

All quiet on the malware front

Incidents of email-borne viruses were markedly down last month but old favourites like SirCam and BadTrans-B are refusing to die a decent death.
John Leyden, 04 Mar 2002

Malware by numbers: online virus creation tool spotted

The world's first online virus generator has surfaced - but there's no need to get too alarmed, antivirus experts say.
John Leyden, 04 Mar 2002

IE, Outlook run malicious commands without scripting

An attacker can run arbitrary commands on Windows machines with a simple bit of HTML, an Israeli security researcher has demonstrated. The exploit will work with IE, Outlook and OutlooK Express even if active scripting and ActiveX are disabled in the browser security settings.
Thomas C Greene, 04 Mar 2002

Mobile phone masts have low emissions

The level of emissions from mobile phone masts in the UK is well below international guidelines, according to the latest Government research.
Tim Richardson, 04 Mar 2002

C# virus pitched against .NET

A new virus uses Microsoft's C# language to target .EXE files under the Microsoft .NET Framework.
John Leyden, 04 Mar 2002

Nvidia looks Elsawhere for Quadro back-ups

Elsa's collapse last week into receivership has seen Nvidia scrambling for new workstation graphics board partners.
Drew Cullen, 04 Mar 2002

Thus cans In2Home ISP

Thus is canning its pay-as-you-go ISP In2Home at the end of the month.
Tim Richardson, 04 Mar 2002

Removing IE would kill Win2k, WinXP, MS, says Redmond

Both Windows XP and Windows 2000 will be rendered inoperable, and Microsoft will be unable to develop future new operating systems, if it is forced to separate IE from the operating system, according to court filings the company made on Friday. The US States still fighting Microsoft argue, on the contrary, that separation of this and other matters now "integrated" into the OS is both feasible and necessary.
John Lettice, 04 Mar 2002

Use Windows to ‘turn your PC into a love machine’

The Register was until minutes ago entirely unaware that the Sun newspaper had even been running a ten part guide to building your own PC, far less that it completed it today. But after a tip-off from a Microsoft spinmeister who wishes to remain anonymous, but says it wasn't his idea anyway, honest, we feel the need to bring part ten to your attention.
John Lettice, 04 Mar 2002

Morpheus fesses up to user lockout security breach

Morpheus has re-instated its file swapping service after ditching support for the P2P stack supplied by developer FastTrack and embracing the Gnutella protocol.
John Leyden, 04 Mar 2002

Curious employees are biggest security risk

Forget about Internet crackers, employees are the biggest security problem for most businesses.
John Leyden, 04 Mar 2002

One.Tel cuts cost of broadband

One.Tel has introduced cut-price broadband for its existing customers almost a month before BT reduces its wholesale price for DSL.
Tim Richardson, 04 Mar 2002
The Register vulture logo (black)

FT.com, Slashdot, GeoCities flag up charges

The free Internet is looking somewhat frayed at the edges with three prominent web sites in recent days announcing their intention to charge for access to content or services.
Drew Cullen, 04 Mar 2002

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