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Slow Symbian product ramp turning off ISVs, says AvantGo

ComputerWire, 01 Mar 2002

Novell Predicts Breakeven for Current Quarter

ComputerWire, 01 Mar 2002

Blueyonder notches up 107k broadband punters

Blueyonder is signing up 900 new broadband customers a day, according to the latest figures from the UK cableco Telewest.
Tim Richardson, 01 Mar 2002

MS opponents may testify

US District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly granted permission to several business competitors and their lobbying arms to put their objections to the MS/DoJ proposed antitrust settlement on the record, though many will receive mere ten-minute slots.
Thomas C Greene, 01 Mar 2002

UK Gov deal opens up 2m desktops to MS rivals

The UK Government's Office of Government Commerce has struck a "ground-breaking" three-cornered deal covering the use of desktop productivity software in Government departments. The deal is the upshot of protracted and at times acrimonious negotiations between the OGC and Microsoft, during which OGC CEO Peter Gershon repeatedly stage-whispered that Redmond had better cut its prices or uk.gov was off to "alternatives."
John Lettice, 01 Mar 2002

How to fry an egg using an Athlon XP1500+

Someone with obviously too much time on their hands, and a gourmet bent, has worked out how you can fry an egg using an Athlon XP1500+ CPU.
John Leyden, 01 Mar 2002

DSL headlines religious slot

If, like me, you are part of the sizeable minority of people in the UK who cannot get broadband via cable or DSL – then take heart. For we have a spiritual ally.
Tim Richardson, 01 Mar 2002

WinXP SP1 to combine new goodies with the fixes

Microsoft will ship Service Pack 1 in Q3 this year, a little later than expected. But from the sound of it the company is planning SP1 more as a bundle of goodies and enhancements than as a plain old fix roll-up. It'll include support for the Mira and Freestyle technologies Microsoft intends to unleash on us, and will also apparently support Tablet PCs, which are due out later this year.
John Lettice, 01 Mar 2002

Senator brutalizes Intel rep for resisting CPRM

Entertainment industry lapdog Senator Fritz Hollings (Democrat, South Carolina) lashed out at Intel executive VP Leslie Vadasz who warned that the copy-protected PCs Hollings is obediantly promoting on behalf of his MPAA and RIAA handlers would stifle growth in the marketplace.
Thomas C Greene, 01 Mar 2002

Euro IT spend to rise, but still lags US

Europe is poised to see a return to moderate growth in IT spending next year, according to the latest assessment from Forrester Research.
Tim Richardson, 01 Mar 2002

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