1st March 2002 Archive

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  • Slow Symbian product ramp turning off ISVs, says AvantGo

    How much of the lead has been squandered?

    Mobile 01 09:53

  • Novell Predicts Breakeven for Current Quarter

    But times are still tough

    Data Networking 01 10:39

  • Blueyonder notches up 107k broadband punters

    900 new punters a day

    Media 01 11:10

  • MS opponents may testify

    Keep it short and sweet

    Software 01 12:08

  • UK Gov deal opens up 2m desktops to MS rivals

    Now there are three games in town. Well, two and a half...

    Software 01 12:42

  • How to fry an egg using an Athlon XP1500+

    PC turned into domestic appliance in mad experiment

    Bootnotes 01 12:45

  • DSL headlines religious slot

    Unhappy punter

    Broadband 01 12:59

  • WinXP SP1 to combine new goodies with the fixes

    Effectively, the next generation is being slipstreamed into this one

    Software 01 13:58

  • Senator brutalizes Intel rep for resisting CPRM

    You're either with us, or you're with the criminals

    Personal 01 14:42

  • Euro IT spend to rise, but still lags US

    No returns

    Business 01 15:53