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BT slashes wholesale DSL costs

BT has slashed the cost of wholesale DSL and promised to improve the availability of broadband.
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Adobe targets Macromedia users

Adobe Systems Inc yesterday said it has started shipping the latest versions of its GoLive and LiveMotion web animation and design applications. Announced earlier this year, the products are targeted more than ever at users of tools from rival Macromedia Inc. LiveMotion 2.0, the latest version of its web graphics design …
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Itanic crushes Beeb micro in speed bake-off

IDF During his keynote, Intel's Mike Fister boasted about McKinley's great potential to crush rival RISC systems. And he had figures to prove it.
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VC firm rumoured stalking Energis

When Mike Grabiner stood down as CEO of Energis Plc last May, he said his next job "won't be in telecoms." Nine months later he may have been true to his word by joining venture capitalist Apax Partners, but reports over the weekend claim his new employer is about to launch a bid for the beleaguered carrier. While a …
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AOL UK and Freeserve welcome BT's DSL slash

AOL UK and Freeserve could be on the verge of launching mass-market broadband services following today’s announcement by BT that it will slash the cost of wholesale DSL.
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UK corporate networks in disarray

UK networks are in disarray, with many BOFHs unaware of even basic information, such as how many PCs are connected to their firms' networks.
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MS exec trial transcripts to be made public

Transcripts and videotapes of Microsoft antitrust depositions will be made available to the public, Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly decided yesterday. The Judge's order, made in response to requests from the usual group of suspects in the newspaper industry, covers Steve Ballmer, Jim Allchin, Jim Barksdale (ex-Netscape) and Mitchell Kertzman of Liberate. She has also granted access to any deposition that might be made by Sun chairman Scott McNealy, but as nobody seems to want to depose him anyway, it's not immediately clear why.
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Atrocity of 9/11 to save tech sector – Cheney

A profitable surveillance state may rise from the ashes of Ground Zero if the Bush Administration has its way. Indeed, high-tech gizmos will play an increasing role in US military ventures and homeland security, Vice President Dick Cheney said Thursday during a speech at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California.
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Hail Montecito

IDF So the year is 2004 and Intel launches Montecito, its next-next-next generation 64-bit server CPU. That's the code name and that's the plan for the latest processor to appear on the company's roadmap, announced yesterday by Mike Fister, Intel's top server guy, at IDF.
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MPAA's Valenti pushes for copy-control PCs

Motion Picture Ass. of America (MPAA) President Jack Valenti has made a veiled pitch for copy-control PCs in a letter to the editor published by the Washington Post.

Amiga hardware makes a comeback

After a couple of years in what even its friends would surely accept as deep obscurity, Amiga is back. OK, on a set-top box. In Sweden. But hey, it's a Nokia set-top box, running Linux.
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BTopenworld tight-lipped about its DSL plans

BTopenworld – the mass market ISP of BT – is expected to announce later this week whether it will pass on broadband price cuts to its punters.
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Pipex cuts DSL price to under £25 a month

Pipex has moved swiftly to cut the cost of its DSL service to less than £25 a month in the wake of today’s news from BT.
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BT wants to ‘make Britain click’

Ben Verwaayen said that today’s announcement to slash the cost of wholesale DSL was about "making Britain click".
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MS kicks off home broadband wireless beta test

Microsoft seems to be poised to give away an unspecified number of home wireless networking kits as part of a beta test program kicking off in late March. Naturally though, there are a couple of catches.
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Elsa files for bankruptcy

Elsa, the veteran graphics card maker, has started bankruptcy protection proceedings in its German homeland.

McData's legal go-slow on Brocade carries advantages, risks

McData Corp looks set to prolong the pain it is inflicting on its rival Brocade Communications Systems Inc, by moving at less than full speed with the damaging patent infringement lawsuit it launched last week. Tim Stammers writes. Despite declaring that it wants to see Brocade disable the disputed technology in its …
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ICANN reforms – Public out, Government in

The Internet Corp for Assigned Names and Numbers yesterday unveiled a "sweeping proposal for radical reform" of the organization, in which the current public free-for-all policy-making structure is replaced by one that has a heavy emphasis on international government involvement, Kevin Murphy writes. The proposal, made by …
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Security suppliers compared to dodgy car mechanics

Many anxious users are being duped by unscrupulous or clueless suppliers into buying security products they don't need.
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ATI bests Nvidia in notebook graphics – McComas

ATI remains the leader in the battle for notebook graphics accelerator performance, edging arch-rival Nvidia, according to preliminary tests perfomed by InQuest, the semiconductor analyst firm.