13th February 2002 Archive

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  • The SNMP fiasco: steps you need to take

    Relax, you can beat the clock

    Business 13 03:27

  • Intel targets XScale at 3G handheld sweet spot

    Plans for PDA world domination

    Business 13 10:52

  • IBM goes after Sun Fire 280Rs

    With tweaked pSeries 610

    Business 13 10:53

  • SEC suspects MS may have massaged results

    Now, where have we heard that one before?

    Business 13 12:18

  • RM beefs up publishing biz

    Buys Helicon assets

    Business 13 12:23

  • Qualcomm accounting practices under fire

    Why imitate American failures?

    Business 13 12:31

  • Report favours open source, Windows mix for Bundestag

    Servers cool, but desktop not there yet

    Business 13 13:04

  • Those Reg yellow button shirt compo results in full

    Warning: contains swearing and scenes of violence from the start

    Business 13 15:41

  • Show us Windows source, States ask judge

    Microsoft will love this one...

    Business 13 16:28