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MS bitten by old .NET vulnerability

Numerous installations of Microsoft ASP.NET are vulnerable to cross-site scripting (CSS), according to a recent post by Johannes Westerink to the BugTraq mailing list.
Thomas C Greene, 07 Feb 2002

BT to slash wholesale broadband costs

BT is to slash the cost of wholesale broadband access in a move which could lead to affordable high-speed Net access, its new Arsenal-supporting CEO confirmed today.
Tim Richardson, 07 Feb 2002

Toshiba to flog mobile phones in Europe

ComputerWire, 07 Feb 2002

AMD plans PDA push with Alchemy buy

ComputerWire, 07 Feb 2002

Sun peeks through clouds with new storage

ComputerWire, 07 Feb 2002

Software biz attacks BBC education ‘stranglehold’

British educational software publishers are banding together to fight BBC's plans to "monopolise" digital broadcasting in schools.
Drew Cullen, 07 Feb 2002

BT price cuts could ‘wipe out’ local loop unbundling

BT’s plans to cut the wholesale cost of DSL could signal the demise of local loop unbundling in the UK.
Tim Richardson, 07 Feb 2002

BTopenwound still bleeds

BTopenworld continues to haemorrhage money – although at a reduced rate – in spite of increasing turnover.
Tim Richardson, 07 Feb 2002

Chef has sex with goat

A man is awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of having sex with a goat. He was spotted by passengers on a packed train which stopped at signals opposite an allotment.
Team Register, 07 Feb 2002

The US votes on MS-DoJ deal: 15,000 against, 7,500 for

Microsoft and the DoJ have taken the judge's hint and confirmed that they'll consider changes to the proposed antitrust settlement, following public comment received on it. This seems to have resulted in a straight two to one win for the opposers - 15,000 comments agin, 7,500 for.
John Lettice, 07 Feb 2002

HPaQ deal will 'create chaos – Jack Welch

Neutron Jack Welch, the titanic former boss of GE, forecasts chaos, if the HP/Compaq merger goes through.
Drew Cullen, 07 Feb 2002

Stallman issues Porto Alegre clarification

Richard Stallman has written to us about comments made on the .NET/GNOME controversy, reported by Brazilian tech site HotBits and cited here thanks to a translation provided to us by HotBits, Stallman asks de Icaza to explain himself to the community.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Feb 2002

How to hack unbreakable Oracle servers

Security researcher David Litchfield has identified a vast number of attacks against Oracle application servers and has written them up in a paper which includes defensive strategies as well.
Thomas C Greene, 07 Feb 2002

Sun embraces x86 in Linux overture

Pragmatism has trumped pride at Sun Microsystems: the company will expand its Intel-based Cobalt line at the low-end to win back some of the business currently being lost to white box and Dell x86 servers.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Feb 2002

NY sues NAI so you can say McAfee sucks

The State of New York has filed suit against Network Associates over outrageous EULA terms forbidding users and journalists to speak ill of the company's security and anti-virus product, Reuters reports.
Thomas C Greene, 07 Feb 2002

Enron – the DRAM angle

Enron, the corrupt energy trader, was feted for its ability to turn dull things - gas, broadband, data storage and sundry utilities - into trading pits.
Drew Cullen, 07 Feb 2002

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