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MS declares programming moratorium – report

Microsoft will suspend software development for a month to scour its vast, bloated reams of code in search of bugs, according to a brief item by Government Computer News.
Thomas C Greene, 04 Feb 2002

Chip sales slump in 2001

World chip sales fell 32 per cent in 2001 to $139 billion, the worst slump ever for the semiconductor industry.
Drew Cullen, 04 Feb 2002

BT to slash broadband charges

BT is set to slash the cost of broadband – apparently.
Tim Richardson, 04 Feb 2002

Enterasys faces SEC probe

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is examining the finances of Enterasys Networks.
John Leyden, 04 Feb 2002

AMD mobos are certifiable

AMD has launched a motherboard certification programme for desktop AthlonXP and Durons, and has enlisted the support of top mobo maker ASUS to promote the scheme in North America. The aim is to help system builders seed more AMD boxes in American businesses.
Drew Cullen, 04 Feb 2002

Hacktivists claim coup against global leaders site

Hacktivists have been blamed for cutting off access to the Web site of the World Economic Forum (WEF), a talking shop for the world's political and business leaders, over the weekend.
John Leyden, 04 Feb 2002

Fujitsu Siemens shoots for ‘Mobility’ leadership

ComputerWire, 04 Feb 2002
DVD it in many colours

Dell inks Linux HPC cluster deal with Cray

ComputerWire, 04 Feb 2002

Will you be using this Dell PC for world terror (y/n)?

Dell UK is dutifully doing its bit in the war against terrorism, as evidenced by the Export Compliance section of the company's online order form. Says Question 4: "Will the product(s) be used in connection with weapons of mass destruction, i.e. nuclear applications, missile technology, or chemical or biological weapons purposes?"
John Lettice, 04 Feb 2002

RM declares war on BBC, issues profit warning

RM, Britain's biggest IT supplier to schools, today expressed concern at the threat presented by BBC's Digital Curriculum proposals to the UK educational IT industry.
Drew Cullen, 04 Feb 2002

Computacenter bags BT renewal?

Up to 370 BT staff will be transferred to Computacenter, the UK's biggest computer reseller, as part of a £100 million deal, The Guardian reported today. The staff are said to be angry and discussing strike action.
Drew Cullen, 04 Feb 2002

SOYO flag-waves patriotic mobo

SOYO's latest motherboard, the SY-P41 Fire DRAGON Pentium 4, has a "patriotic color scheme" - it comes in red, white and blue.
Drew Cullen, 04 Feb 2002

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