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1st February 2002 Archive

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  • MS fixes Win2K with 17MB security patch

    Only 39 million lines of code to go....

    Software 01 08:12

  • Accused Ebay hacker on electronic leash

    Judge sends Heckenkamp home with modifications

    Security 01 09:21

  • MS' new security czar is old govt prosecutor

    While old czar is shipped to govt, for eventual recycling

    Software 01 10:36

  • to buy Virtual Internet for £12m

    Pinch, punch...

    e-Business 01 11:56

  • Who needs Linux standards?

    Quite a few of you, apparently

    Software 01 12:03

  • Will the MS judge OK the DoJ deal? Aha…

    Maybe a hint, maybe not...

    Software 01 12:24

  • Tiny HQ to shut in May

    White rabbit

    Channel 01 15:42

  • DoS risks against Cisco storage routers routed

    Get your fix now!

    Security 01 15:44

  • Trust me, I'm a spam message!

    Certifiable email

    e-Business 01 16:00

  • Keep-up pressure on Kodak, say campaigners

    Pinch, kick

    Personal 01 16:01

  • Chinese New Year is no damp squib for DRAM

    Carry on rising

    Channel 01 17:21

  • Gnome to be based on .NET – de Icaza

    Learn to loveThe Beast

    Software 01 17:56

  • ‘evaluates’ Dutch court ban

    Bootleg site?

    Media 01 22:40