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MS fixes Win2K with 17MB security patch

Microsoft's new-found and recently publicized interest in security has yielded fruit in the form of a security rollup patch for Win2K which clears up a number of niggling hassles with the usual slew of unchecked buffers and some authentication issues and transfer protocols.
Thomas C Greene, 01 Feb 2002

Accused Ebay hacker on electronic leash

Kevin Poulsen, 01 Feb 2002

MS' new security czar is old govt prosecutor

After finally unloading washed-out security czar Howard Schmidt on the US government, Microsoft has turned around and got itself a government re-tread to replace him.
Thomas C Greene, 01 Feb 2002

Register.com to buy Virtual Internet for £12m

Register.com – the domain name registration and Internet services outfit – is set to buy the UK domain registrar, Virtual Internet plc, in a cash deal worth £12 million.
Tim Richardson, 01 Feb 2002

Who needs Linux standards?

Standards have always been the Unix world's Achilles heel. Not that there has ever been a scarcity of them. Much like French smoking laws, the problem has been getting anyone to pay attention. They're even more of an anathema to the typical Linux hacker, who can his squirrel his executables away in /etc/spaz/yewl_never_find_me_here if he so wishes. And probably will.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Feb 2002

Will the MS judge OK the DoJ deal? Aha…

The judge in the Microsoft case might just be inclined to reject the settlement being proposed by Microsoft and the Department of Justice. Or not. The late Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's opinions became abundantly clear as his tenure of the trial clanked along, but Judge 2.0, Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, is in the happy position of not having had to express an opinion of any sort so far. Trial watchers are therefore reduced to puzzling over the scant entrails of her comments.
John Lettice, 01 Feb 2002

Tiny HQ to shut in May

Tiny Computer's HQ in Surrey is to shut in May with the loss of up to 320 jobs. Staff were told of the closure late yesterday afternoon.
Tim Richardson, 01 Feb 2002

DoS risks against Cisco storage routers routed

Cisco is advising users to upgrade software on its line of storage routers after the discovery of multiple security vulnerabilities involving the technology.
John Leyden, 01 Feb 2002

Trust me, I'm a spam message!

Fear of fraud has a big effect on response levels to commercial mail, known to most of us as spam. So what the world needs is a "trusted sender" program to assure customers that they won't get ripped off when they respond to email offers.
John Leyden, 01 Feb 2002

Keep-up pressure on Kodak, say campaigners

Dom Watts is an unlikely consumer champion. Yet, the dad of three from Croydon took on the power and might of Kodak – and won.
Tim Richardson, 01 Feb 2002

Chinese New Year is no damp squib for DRAM

Chinese New Year is coming up soon, and that means a huge swathe of the computer industry in East Asia (not Japan, of course) shuts down for a week or so from Feb 10.
Drew Cullen, 01 Feb 2002

Gnome to be based on .NET – de Icaza

InterviewHow much do you love Microsoft's .NET? Enough to trust your Gnome applications to its APIs in the future?
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Feb 2002

KaZaA.com ‘evaluates’ Dutch court ban

KaZaA.com continues to operate its Napster-style software downloads despite a ruling against its former owners in a Dutch court.
John Leyden, 01 Feb 2002

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