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Beverly HP-billies go Pronghorn

We're not sure if anything we say can make the ludicrous HP-Compaq Sircam Merger any more ridiculous, but subversive Dadaist elements inside Hewlett Packard's Cupertino headquarters are hell bent on trumping us, and making satire truly redundant.
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Jan 2002

Kodak surrenders!

Kodak has decided to do the decent thing and honour its £100 digital camera deal. In the face of legal actions and media opprobrium, there was little else that it could do.
Drew Cullen, 31 Jan 2002
SGI logo hardware close-up

Geoworks throws in towel and puts GEOS up for sale

ComputerWire, 31 Jan 2002

Carly keeps cool on Linux

ComputerWire, 31 Jan 2002

AOL blocks Trillian IM access

Media conglomerate AOL-TW has blocked access to its instant messenging service from one of the most popular access clients, Trillian. Trillian offers Windows users an all-in-one client which provides access to the AOL, ICQ, Microsoft Messenger and Yahoo! Instant messanger networks, alongside IRC.
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Jan 2002

Kodak U-turn victory for consumers

Kodak's decision to back down and honour an agreement to sell a wrongly priced digital camera has been hailed as a major victory for consumers.
Tim Richardson, 31 Jan 2002

Tiny Computers = big losses

Tiny Computers, the UK's biggest PC builder, which collapsed on Tuesday and got bought on Wednesday, got itself into a right old mess.
Drew Cullen, 31 Jan 2002

Alcatel posts record loss

Alcatel expects a recovery in its business after reporting a record loss today.
John Leyden, 31 Jan 2002

PocketPC, Nokia threaten Palm lead in Europe

Palm took the top slot in European mobile device sales in Q4 2001, but the slot is less comfortable than it looks. Figures from research outfit Canalysis give Palm 34.1 per cent of the market, but the company benefited from "strong low-end sales during the Christmas period," and the Microsoft camp, in the shape of Compaq and HP, is breathing down its neck.
John Lettice, 31 Jan 2002

Out of the box, Linux is ‘dreadfully insecure’

LinuxWorld Jay Beale, the lead developer of Bastille Linux and an independent security consultant, says it's not the Unix-based systems with interesting stuff on them that get hacked, it's the vulnerable ones. And if you're not prepared to tighten up what you get from the vendor, it's just a matter of time.
Tina Gasperson, 31 Jan 2002

Crackers exploit Cisco LAN switch flaw

Cisco has warned users of a potential denial of service risk involving its popular Catalyst LAN switches.
John Leyden, 31 Jan 2002

Want broadband? then club together

Fixed wireless broadband operator Tele2 will provide broadband in areas currently not served by high-speed Net access – but only as long as there is proven demand.
Tim Richardson, 31 Jan 2002

Net faces being ‘most regulated medium in history’

A UK-based online civil liberties group has called on governments to protect the freedom of people using the Internet.
Tim Richardson, 31 Jan 2002

Tiscali deal with Tiny under threat

Tiscali UK could lose a key distribution channel following yesterday's acquisition of Tiny Computers by Time Computers.
Tim Richardson, 31 Jan 2002

BadTrans-B tops virus charts

BadTrans-B remains, two months after it was first released, the most infectious virus on the Internet.
John Leyden, 31 Jan 2002

US mulls Linux for world's biggest computer

Linux is in the running to power the world's biggest computer, we learned this week at LinuxWorld Expo. A bid is being prepared to provide the computing power behind the US government sponsored Project Purple, which will pool a vast server farm to the three leading US research labs, which is scheduled to come on stream by the end of 2004.
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Jan 2002

Judge drops Napster bombshell

Marilyn Hall Patel, the district court judge in the Napster case, has been having some very subversive thoughts recently, we learn from case transcripts unsealed this week.
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Jan 2002

AMD talks Ab Fab with UMC

Real men own fabs, AMD boss Jerry Sanders famously once said. Real men are also prepared to share them, for AMD has signed a JV with UMC, the Taiwanese contract semiconductor maker, to build a new chipmaking factory in Singapore.
Drew Cullen, 31 Jan 2002

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