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Hynix rations DDR supply

Hynix's US subsidiary is placing its supply of DDR DRAM fast memory on allocation. In other words, major customers will have to wait for product, or they will only get a percentage of the product they ordered.
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Matsushita, Toshiba to wire TVs, fridges, toasters

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co and Toshiba Corp said Monday that they plan to establish a joint venture by the end of this week that will offer internet access services to next-generation home appliances. The two electronics giants will respectively own 51 per cent and 29 per cent of Home Integrate Inc, with two smaller …
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Mobile phone thieves face jail

Mobile phone thieves could face up to five years in jail, following a ruling by a senior judge yesterday.
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Sun rallies Java backers to tilt at .NET

Sun Microsystems Inc has rallied 13 enterprise-level Java licensees to its latest specification, which is expected to stimulate the market for re-usable software components, despite concerns vendors will repeat past portability mistakes in the quest for web services, writes Gavin Clarke. Palo Alto, California-based Sun …
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Time rescues Tiny

Wait long enough and it shall be yours: Time Computer has bought the business and certain assets of Tiny Computer, the UK's biggest PC maker, which went into receivership yesterday. The price was not disclosed.
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BBC bans use of non-MS PDAs

The BBC IT department has evidently taken the Microsoft shilling, in some style. Our sources informed us a while back that the company is spending a total of £61 million on Windows upgrades for approximately 24,000 desktops, and now an internal memo leaked to NTK reveals that it has banned staff from using any non-Microsoft PDA with company machines.
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Vodafone & Orange numbers point to mobile ARPU stability

The most important acronym in the mobile industry at the moment is ARPU. All the operators - at least in developed mobile markets - are struggling to push up average revenue per user (ARPU), even at the expense of growth in terms of subscriber numbers. On Tuesday, Berkshire, UK-based Vodafone Group, the world's largest …
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LLU arives in Edinburgh

Hang out the bunting and crack open the whisky -Edinburgh has joined a select group of towns and cities that now boasts unbundled telecoms loops.
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Toshiba signs for ARM mobile Java chip

Toshiba has licensed ARM's ARM926EJ-S core processor, for use in mobile phones and PDAs. The ARM926EJ-S is optimised for mobile products supporting Java; it uses ARM's Jazelle technology, and has a claimed speed advantage of up to eight times in Java execution over a software-based JVM.
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‘Upgrade’ renders IF web bank iffie

The Web site of Intelligent Finance (IF) – the multi-channel ebank from the Halifax – has been closed for most of the day following an upgrade that went wrong.
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MS wins semiconductor award!

Microsoft has picked up a gong at the prestigious annual Microprocessor Report's Analyst Choice Awards - for the best Game chipset of 2001.
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AMD ships go faster mobile Durons

AMD has topped up its budget notebook CPU line with 1.1GHz and 1.2GHz flavours of mobile Durons. Nothing extraordinary here, except that these are real clock speeds and not performance-rated part numbers.
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UK web host downed by DDoS attack

Normal services have been restored after a "ferocious" distributed denial of service attack was launched against Doncaster-based hosting firm Donhosts today.
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Some T65s hum (but no Ericsson recall)

Ericsson has denied media reports that it has begun the recall of a line of GPRS phones which showed performance problems late last year.