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FoTW: “i am going to stop comming to your gay site”

Re: How I learned to stop worrying and abandoned OS X
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Greene ‘Lame and rather unknowledgeable Linux wannabee’

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Windows now “friendlier than the Mac”

Apple's spiritual swami Steve Jobs has robbed the Mac of its soul, writes one Macintosh loyalist as the debate over Mac OS X rages. "Apple arrogance sickens me" writes another. Since we published our AquaRant™, Apple has made X the default OS on new Macs, and the acclaim that greeted the decision from Mac community sites spoke for itself.
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Letters: Eat Yourself Fitter with a Vulture Diet

Roundup The Letters Page hasn't been cancelled, it's just been buried under an avalanche of er, .... Letters.
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Welcome to The Confused Lounge

The Flame of the Week feature has been running for over two years here at Vulture Central. But it's time for a companion award: the most confused correspondent of the week.
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Peek-A-Booty to debut at grassroots P2P show

Peer-to-peer was 2000's most overused buzzword, and perhaps the only way to reclaim it is through grassroots organization.
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Tiscali attacked by DDoSers

Tiscali appears to have become the latest ISP targeted whose service has been disrupted by denial of service attacks from unknown Internet vandals.
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That ‘Microsoft’ RTFM page (and sundry spoofs)

Updated Our inboxes are filling with links to a rogue "How to RTFM" page posted supposedly on Microsoft's Web site.
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UK Net usage grows

Oftel's taking the credit - yet again - for the UK having some of the widest range and most competitively priced Internet access in the world.
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Russian hacker breaks into US bank database

A Russian computer hacker has been detained on suspicion of extorting $10,000 from a US bank after breaking into its database and threatening to publish account details. The suspect, identified only as Nikolai, was detained in the western Siberian town of Surgut after Moscow police's computer fraud unit was approached by …
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Lotus roadmaps full J2EE 1.3 support

Lotus Software pushed squarely into the web services arena yesterday when it laid out a roadmap that will result in the company offering full support for Java 2 Enterprise Edition 1.3. At the same time, the IBM software unit used its Lotusphere 2002 conference to announce the availability of the pre release beta of Notes …
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'BOFH II – Son of the Bastard' set to top Reg bestseller list

As the sweet scent of Spring wafts through the server room, there is some exciting news for all you BOFH fans out there.
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Egg buys Zebank

Egg is to buy Zebank for E8 million (£5 million) in cash and expand its online banking business into France.

New BT chief rules out network sale

BT's new chief exec, Ben Verwaayen, said yesterday that the telco's network is not for sale.
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Cookie monster bites Netscape and Mozilla users

A security bug in Netscape and Mozilla browsers could allow a malicious web site operator to access cookies on users' computers.

Solaris on Intel out? Does that mean Linux is in?

It's not that Sun is killing off Solaris on Intel, it's simply that the company isn't planning yet to move Solaris 9 to the Intel family. Graham Lovell, Sun's director of Solaris product marketing, explains that Sun isn't making any further investments in Solaris on Intel for several reasons and that the company may yet port Solaris 9 to Intel.
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Back Microsoft and win an iPaq

Back Redmond and win an iPaq? Strange but true, this was indeed the offer made to a select mailing list of likely Microsoft supporters by lobbying group Americans for Technology Leadership, according to an AP report today. The offer was made in a mailshot to attendees of this week's Conservative Political Action Conference, a likely bastion of Microsoft supporters if ever we've seen one.
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US crackers top Internet attack league

Internet attacks are on the rise and more crackers come from the United States than any other country.
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Cisco pulls plugs on new Scottish office

Cisco has shelved plans to establish a Scottish office that would have housed staff from two of its existing three centres in the country.
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Symbian gang of five stumps up another £20m funding

Symbian's shareholders have dug into their pockets to find an extra £20.75 million to take it "through the next phase of its development." The money comes pro-rata from existing shareholders Matsushita, Motorola, Nokia and Psion (which warned it would likely have to cough up last autumn), and from Sony Ericsson taking up Ericsson's pro-rata subscription rights.
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Aramiska in Northern Ireland broadband deal

Businesses in Northern Ireland are being offered grants to hook up to broadband by satellite
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Kodak sued in camera fiasco

More than 200 people have contacted the lawyers leading the legal fight against Kodak and its disputed cut-price digital camera offer.
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Check Point looks to bridge small biz security gap

Check Point Software is going after the SME market with firewall products tailored to the needs of small offices.
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ElcomSoft attacks DMCA in Sklyarov test case

ElcomSoft, the employer of freed Russian software developer Dmitry Sklyarov, will attack the entire basis of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) when its case comes to trial.
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Palmisano confirmed as IBM CEO

The only secret was when the announcement would be made: Sam Palmisano, the president and chief operating officer (COO) of IBM, will become CEO when incumbent Lou Gerstner steps down in March.