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AMD touts faster mobile Athlon 4

AMD today releases the Mobile AMD Athlon 4 1500+, its fastest notebook chip to date. Buy a thousand of them and you'll be quoted a unit list price of $525 (but as always with AMD suggested prices, there's some room to gouge some discount).
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Intel tweaks CPU prices

Intel's new price list came into effect yesterday - there are cuts on middle-rank desktop P4s and Celerons, and Xeon and Pentium III-S server chips.
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Oftel gets picky on Net access

Oftel wants to standardise payment arrangements for unmetered services.

Compaq rolls out first ‘blade’ servers

Compaq Computer Corp will today formally debut its "QuickBlade" ProLiant BL blade servers, which have been the subject of much industry chatter in recent months. The ProLiant BL machines introduced today are the first in a family of blade servers that Compaq is expected to roll out this year for Windows and Linux …
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PlusNet sheds workers

PlusNet has axed a fifth of its workforce - around 20 people - in a restructuring exercise.
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UK ISPs wanted for ‘serious investment’

GreatXscape, the ISP with close ties to telco Eurocall, is looking to invest in UK ISPs.
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Morpheus application is ‘safe’

Morpheus, the music and file-sharing application, is free of malicious code - although individual downloaded files carried by the service may be contaminated.
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Palm launches the i705

Palm today launched its latest handheld organiser, i705, which can securely send and receive wireless e-mail, and browse the Internet, Paula Mythen writes.
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Crippled Athlon XP-2000 beats Northwood P4

I'd love to tell you how the Athlon-XP performs at its proper 1675MHz clock speed, but the new Gigabyte 7VTXE mobo we were sent was so severely hobbled that 1265 was all I could test Linux and Windows on reliably. (AMD declined our request to send a reference mobo of their choosing.)
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It's My Party and I'll infect you if I want to

Updated Doing the rounds is a mass-mailing virus which promises photos from a party but delivers only embarrassment for Windows users.
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SEC probes RSA Security accounting practice

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has launched on investigation into accountancy practices at RSA Security.
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Gateway, Compaq ditch UK ISPs

The number of ISPs in the UK continues to shrink following further consolidation in the Internet access sector.
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Future trends in security – 3i survey

When investment house 3i casts its eye over the future development of Internet security the market takes note.

Apple eyes workstation biz with G4 revamp

As predicted by MacUser, Apple revved its professional G4 series of desktops today.
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XP successor Longhorn goes SQL, P2P – Microsoft leaks

Exclusive Sources close to Microsoft confirm that The Beast is set to include a new relational file store at the core of its next version of Windows. Some roadmap slippage has apparently occurred, too, as the database core will be introduced into Longhorn, and Blackcomb has been pushed further back. That leaves a gap for a point revision of XP next year, although there's no sign of this on the roadmap just yet. Despite the annual revisions being named as users' number one bugbear, Microsoft hasn't let a year go by without releasing a new version of Windows since 1997, when it was fighting the browser wars.