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Ebay hacking case gets weird

A day of hearings Wednesday at a federal court in San Jose, Calif. ended with accused Ebay hacker Jerome Heckenkamp re-hiring his attorney, and the government accusing the 22-year-old computer expert of secretly accessing the Internet in violation his pre-trial release conditions. Heckenkamp has been in custody since Friday …
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Antitrust legal beagles suing MS and DoJ

Antitrust watchdog group the American Antitrust Institute (AAI) will hold a press conference Thursday to announce details of a lawsuit they intend to file against Microsoft and the US Department of Justice, Reuters reports.
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Labels ask time-out in Napster battle

Something seems amiss in the Recording industry's copyright battle with Napster, as the labels have sought and been granted a 30-day time-out in the action, the Associated Press reports.
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Woz goes wireless – by stealth

Steve Wozniak is launching a new wireless technology venture. For anyone who understands Apple co-founder Wozniak's pivotal role in the birth of the modern computer industry, this should be interesting news. However, neither Wozniak nor the venture capital firms backing the company, called Wheels of Zeus (wOz), are saying …

NTT researchers predict 10Gbps wireless

NTT Corp, Japan's incumbent telco, claims to have raised the ceiling on wireless bandwidth, after achieving a peak data transfer rate of 2.5Gbps in laboratory trials. The previous highest wireless transfer rate was 1Gbps, but NTT's researchers believe they can ultimately take wireless communications up to 10Gbps. Given …
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Baltimore sells content security business

Baltimore Technologies has secured a much needed cash lifeline with the sale of its content security business to UK software firm Clearswift Corporation for £20.5 million.
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Zetnet rescues Cloud Nine

Zetnet has confirmed that it has acquired the customer base of troubled ISP Cloud Nine.
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Myth of storage security savaged

Storage security will become an "imperative" this year as the adoption of Internet technologies undermines the comforting notion that storage networks are safe from hacker attacks.
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Click here for great IT book offers

Vulture Central has teamed up with IT-minds.com, part of the mighty Pearson empire, to bring you some top deals on computer books. Eagle-eyed readers will already have spotted the link on our new 'Register Services' menu bar. As a Register reader, you are entitled to a 10 per cent discount on any book from Pearson's Education …
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Buy DVDs and games abroad – and break the law

British consumers will be on the wrong side of the law for the first time if they buy overseas DVDs or computer games 'unauthorised' for the UK and play them on their PCs at home.
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BT sniffs at broadband in the sewer

BT has shrugged aside news that it faces competition from a new company laying fibre optic cables along London's sewers.
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Hackers crash online regal Dutch chat

Updated An online chat with the heir to the Dutch throne was abandoned after hackers launched a denial of service attack.
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Digital certificates for UK pathology results

The electronic transmission of patient's pathology results from labs to doctor's surgeries in the UK is to be protected using digital certificates from ViaCode, Royal Mail's encryption business.
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The Linux-AMD AGP bug – who's to blame?

After arranging a tete a tete between two representatives of the Linux kernel team and AMD, Gentoo founder Daniel Robbins has drawn some initial conclusions on the bug affecting Linux users on AMD Athlon AGP systems.
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Too many Updates already, users tell The Beast

Research commissioned internally by Microsoft amongst its corporate users has highlighted an unexpected gripe, sources tell The Register.