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AOL/Netscape sues MS

Judge Jackson opened the wave for a flood of civil antitrust lawsuits long before he found Microsoft guilty. The decision was his Findings of Fact, that declared Microsoft a monopoly: subsequent verdicts have really provided some mood music, with the District appellate court upholding most of the Findings.
Thomas C Greene, 23 Jan 2002

Palm VP replies

Palm Vice President and Chief Competitive Officer Michael Mace tell us he hasn't attend rival conferences under a pseudonym.
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Jan 2002

Intel preps plastic memory production plan

ComputerWire, 23 Jan 2002

Accused eBay hacker volunteered for jail

Kevin Poulsen, 23 Jan 2002

The Glitch who stole Vodafone

A computer 'glitch' felled much of Vodafone's UK mobile phone network yesterday. The 'glitch' has now been repaired and normal service is restored.
Drew Cullen, 23 Jan 2002

What Billg's new security effort will cost

If Chairman Gates actually meant what he said in his recent memo calling for dramatically improved security in all MS products, then there are going to be some immense changes going on in Redmond. Changes in how software is created; changes in how features are integrated into them; changes in product development schedules; changes in disclosure practices. Indeed, we can determine just how serious Microsoft is by tracking the metamorphosis which a real shift towards security will necessitate.
Thomas C Greene, 23 Jan 2002

VIA gears up for DDR333

VIA is paving the way for DDR333-supporting versions of its chipsets with a validation programme, and a one day conference devoted to the latest fast memory technology.
Drew Cullen, 23 Jan 2002

DTI's Hewitt backs euro

Trade and industry secretary Patricia Hewitt, has joined calls for the UK to adopt the Euro.
Tim Richardson, 23 Jan 2002

Send your photos by SMS

OK, so we know that voice is the killer app for mobile phones; SMS has got the young and blue collar trade sewn up; and ringtones and logos do a roaring trade in the consumer space too. We also know that WAP is cwap and that 3G is late. Very late. So what's next up on the mobile phone money-making menu?
Drew Cullen, 23 Jan 2002

Cloud Nine buy-out not yet confirmed

There's confusion over the future of Hampshire-based ISP, Cloud Nine, after it emerged that it had struck a deal to be acquired by Surrey-based ISP V21.
Tim Richardson, 23 Jan 2002

EBay UK gets new MD

Douglas McCallum has been appointed the new MD eBay UK.
Tim Richardson, 23 Jan 2002

SiteMinder Proxy Server launch extends secure access

ComputerWire, 23 Jan 2002

Microsoft restructures Internet TV business

ComputerWire, 23 Jan 2002

Zetnet tipped for Cloud Nine rescue

Shetland-based ISP Zetnet is the latest company tipped to rescue Cloud Nine after the Hampshire-based ISP closed shop yesterday.
Tim Richardson, 23 Jan 2002
Cat 5 cable

IBM Intel servers ‘80 per cent cheaper than Dell’

IBM claims it can reduce the cost of running an Intel-based server by 80 per cent compared to those of its competitors.
John Leyden, 23 Jan 2002

Look what they've done to my database, Ma

One in 10 corporate databases connected to the Internet had a breach of security last year.
John Leyden, 23 Jan 2002

MS antitrust comment period closing fast

Public comments regarding the settlement between the US Department of Justice and Microsoft are due by Monday, 28 January.
Thomas C Greene, 23 Jan 2002

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