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Microsoft's crucial new hire

Tim Mullen, 22 Jan 2002

SGI shoots the messenger

According to our favourite Chinese proverb: "When the finger points at the moon, the idiot points at the finger."
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Jan 2002

Amazon expected to post first-ever profit

ComputerWire, 22 Jan 2002
Cat 5 cable

$10bn European storage services market by 2005

ComputerWire, 22 Jan 2002

NTL CEO set to lose control

ComputerWire, 22 Jan 2002

Cloud Nine blown away, blames hack attack

Basingstoke-based ISP Cloud Nine has closed its operation this morning after being hit by a crippling security attack.
Tim Richardson, 22 Jan 2002

Europe foots the X-Box bill for Microsoft

It's no great secret that most of the gaming industry views Europe as something of an afterthought, despite the fact that we're already the world's second biggest market for video games and still growing fast.
Eurogamer.net, 22 Jan 2002

Enjoy our IBM/Sun spot the difference challenge

We have an added bonus today for those readers who enjoyed Thomas C. Greene's recent IBM pr gaffe story.
Lester Haines, 22 Jan 2002

ATI ships Radeon 7500 All-In-Wonder (in North America)

ATI is shipping the All-In-Wonder Radeon 7500 in North America. Carrying a list price of $199, the multimedia graphics card is choc-ful of PC-on-TV features.
Drew Cullen, 22 Jan 2002

Rudderless Palm splits with a flourish

Former PDA idol Palm Inc has spun off its software division Palm Soft - led by former AT&T research chief and Apple veteran David Nagel - which will now report earnings separately from the hardware business.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Jan 2002

Northern Light has new owner

Last week, Northern Light, the well-regarded search engine business, annnounced the closure of free facilities for consumers.
Drew Cullen, 22 Jan 2002

How Microsoft drove me to Linux

I bought my first computer in 1988. It was an Amstrad PC2286. It came equipped with a 12.5 MHz '286 (no slouch by any measure of the day), an entire megabyte of RAM, an immense 40Mb RLL HDD, MSDOS 4.01, and a most peculiar OS called Windows-286.
Thomas C Greene, 22 Jan 2002

Freeserve queries ‘leading ISP’ claims by AOL

Hostility between the UK's top ISPs took a new twist today after Freeserve confirmed that it has filed a complaint with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against AOL Time Warner.
Tim Richardson, 22 Jan 2002

Linux to help police with their enquiries?

An influential UK police advisory body has embarked on a three-month feasibility study on using Linux on police force desktops throughout England and Wales.
John Leyden, 22 Jan 2002

John Lewis to can buy.com

Never knowingly undersold British retailer John Lewis is to close Buy.com in the UK after experiencing a bumper Christmas in its own Web site.
Tim Richardson, 22 Jan 2002

Kimble/Schmitz deported

Kim Schmitz, the founder of a group that made unsubstantiated claims to have hacked a Sudanese bank with bin Laden accounts, faces insider dealing charges in Germany after his fast-track deportation from Thailand.
John Leyden, 22 Jan 2002

Dear colleague – I saw this and thought of you

CompetitionLet's face it, life's a struggle. You get up, you go to work, you get paid. You're not appreciated, you're in debt, the dog needs an operation and then, to cap it all, your wife runs off with the bloke from sysadmins.
Lester Haines, 22 Jan 2002

Lucent in pit, stops digging

Lucent has reported narrower losses with its first quarter results but warned it will still have to shed more jobs to get back on track.
John Leyden, 22 Jan 2002

Wanadoo looks to broadband in 2002

European ISP Wanadoo is confident that broadband will make an impact to the French-owned business in the coming year.
Tim Richardson, 22 Jan 2002

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