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DRAM up, telecom chips down – Infineon

Infineon blamed a deteriorating market for telecom chips for a pretty awful quarter. An upturn in DRAM prices and demand was not enough to compensate for the depressed state of what the company calls "wireline communications".
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AMD chip bug snares Linux users

An old bug in AMD’s Athlon family of chips may still be snaring Linux users.
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AMD tunes Duron to 1.3GHz

AMD is cranking up Duron speed a notch or so to 1.3GHz, the fastest version of its budget CPU line to date.
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Egg to buy Zebank?

Update On line bank Egg has confirmed that it is holding exclusive negotiations to buy French financial ebusiness Zebank.
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The 2.2GHz P4 on Linux and Win-XP

Whether Intel's new 0.13-micron Northwood P4 is a good buy for Linux or Windows users I won't be able to say until I compare it to a similar high-end system by AMD later this week; but for now I can definitely say that, paired with the 850 mobo and 512M RDRAM, it's fast on both operating systems, if not spectacularly reliable.
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Logica builds SMS roaming service

Logica Plc last week sought to polish its credentials as the world's most operator-friendly SMS systems supplier, and announced a service that will take the pain out of organizing and operating SMS roaming deals. The London, UK company's Global Interconnect Network adds a new service dimension to its short message service …
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EU e-commerce directive fails to make impact

The development of e-commerce within Europe could be hampered by the failure by several European Union member states to meet the deadline for implementing the European Union E-Commerce Directive, according to research house Gartner. The UK was among several member states that confirmed it failed to meet the January 17, …

IBM to use Power4 across the pSeries line In 2002?

How ready is IBM to put the Power4 processors across its pSeries and iSeries lines of midrange and enterprise servers? Apparently a lot more ready than many of us had been led to believe, Timothy Prickett Morgan writes.

Avaya dismisses potential H.323 and SIP standards merger

Enterprise networking equipment vendor Avaya Inc has dismissed the idea of any potential unification between the two key standards in enterprise communications, H.323 and the emerging internet engineering task force (IETF) standard SIP. The session initiation protocol is now close to final ratification by IETF, whereas H. …
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Getting sexual with Virgin textual

Virgin Mobile is to launch a text message flirting service on Valentine's Day as part of a new focus on "adult services".
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Intel takes on graphics world from April

The 845G integrated chipset, Intel's new attempt to mop up the graphics business, is to launch in April, according to Digitimes.
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Vizzavi UK MD stars in Pop Idol

It should come as little surprise that the MD of Vizzavi UK was in the audience of TV "talent show", Pop Idol, on Saturday night – after all, Vizzavi does sponsor the programme.
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Samsung retains XBox DRAM gig

Samsung has retained the contract to supply memory for the Microsoft Xbox games 'puter and is so pleased that it has issued a press release to celebrate.
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Windows wipe utilities fail to shift stubborn data stains

Several Windows file-wiping utilities fail to completely wipe some files on Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP that use NTFS file systems, security researcher Kurt Seifried has discovered.
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Genie webmail broke

Users of Genie's web based-email service have been unable to use the service since last Tuesday. They must wait until Thursday before the service is running again.
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KaZaA.com has resumed its Napster-style software downloads after the sale of assets by developer Fast Track to privately-held Australian firm, Sharman Networks Limited.