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Intel sabotaged Solaris on Itanic – Sun

Sun has renewed its offensive blaming Intel for the abandonment of the Solaris OS for Itanic port. (Note to newer readers: Itanium is Intel's 64 bit chip, which was scheduled to revolutionise enterprise computing by 1998, and is apparently still in development somewhere at Zilla.)
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BT casts off ‘Internet Villain’ handle

BT is to be stripped of its title as Internet Villain after failing to make the short-list for the UK's "Internet Oscars".
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Akamai tightens legal screws on Digital Island

Akamai Technologies Inc is trying to have rival Digital Island Inc forced to turn off its flagship content delivery service, in the latest twist to the patent wrangle between the two firms, Kevin Murphy writes. The company yesterday filed a motion for an injunction against DI's Footprint 2.0 service, which a jury found …
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Novell flies high with Lufthansa

Novell Inc is to receive product development input from Lufthansa Systems Infratec GmbH (Infratec) as part of a major security infrastructure deal with German airline Deutsche Lufthansa AG. The deal will also see Provo, Utah-based Novell trumpeting its new-found credentials as a network solutions provider. Although details …
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Price boosts strengthens AMD Q4

Advanced Micro Devices Inc pointed to the way out of the woods yesterday as it turned in better than expected fourth quarter sales and said it expected to return to profit in the second quarter. The Sunnyvale, California-based company turned in sales of $951.9m for the quarter ending December 30, down 19% on the year. …
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MS' highest priority must be security – Billg

MemoWatch Microsoft founder Bill Gates has finally noodled out the fact that his precious .NET initiative is never going to fly if the company continues turning out insecure products. Therefore, in a long-winded bull to all Microserfs issued Wednesday, Billg finally admits that the company has wrongly emphasized whistles and bells over security, and decrees that this shall change.
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The Sun shines out of BEA's hind

"blah blah blah giant hairball blah Microsoft Lookout blah Dell banana blah blah IBM unintegratable...
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VIA parades go faster Athlon XP chipset

VIA has launched a new integrated chipset for the Athlon XP. It's called the VIA ProSavageDDR KM266 and the numbers at the end indicate that is supplied with 266MHz DDR DRAM i.e. it's got fast memory.
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A Silicon Valley funeral for Be Inc

In the movies, it always rains at funerals. In Silicon Valley yesterday, Be Inc held its liquidation auction and although not a drop fell from the heavens, it was fucking cold.
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Compaq shows signs of recovery

Compaq has announced fourth quarter results that provide evidence of recovery in its business, even though sales are well down on the same period last year.
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Yahoo! president! to! quit!

Yahoo! Inc's president and COO, Jeff Mallett, will step down in April after seven years at the Internet giant.
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Xbox-based home gateway a runner, says analyst

The rumoured transformation of the Xbox into a home entertainment hub is real, and will launch this year, according to Prudential Securities analyst Hans Mosesmann. Speaking to EBN, Mosesmann claimed that he'd picked up sufficient information at CES to confirm that the device, the HomeStation, will be given the go-ahead.
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On Wallace, Gromit and charging for content by PC and mobile phone

Yesterday, Aardman, the animation studio responsible for Wallace and Gromit, announced its intention to release 12 new one minute films featuring the plasticine idols on the Web. They will be available free from the Autumn.
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Get your future wife stalked for just $78,000

Former federal agents and police officers in the US are prepared to stalk women and tap phones so that wealthy bachelors can get a date.
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Viral outbreaks leave vendors in clover

Antivirus firms are enjoying the benefits of heightened security awareness, and viral outbreaks, with extas sales of their security software.
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HP outsources more PC ops

Hewlett-Packard wants to outsource its PC manufacturing facility in France, and it has a buyer already lined up. This is Sanmina-SCI, the contract electronics manufacturer which last week, announced its intention to buy IBM's PC manufacturing business in the US and Europe.
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Broadband is ‘private sector’ affair – eminister

It is up to industry - and not Government - to ensure that Europe capitalises on broadband, according to ecommerce minister Douglas Alexander.
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MS security memo a mere gesture

Opinion Opinion By now, you've seen the news articles. Microsoft Founder and Chairman Bill Gates announced that security would have the 'highest priority' in MS products and that security is now 'more important' than any other part of the company's work. This is Microsoft's latest public attempt to address security concerns with its …