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Samsung snuggles up to Ericsson, GSM

CDMA leader Samsung has strengthened its ties with the GSM world, signing an agreement that gives it access to Ericsson's patent war chest.
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Borland demands users pay for license audit

A couple of unfeasibly draconian clauses in the Borland's JBuilder and Kylix end user license agreements has caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth [*] in the open source community, with calls to boycott the products.
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UK Parliament broadcasts live on the Web

Today marks the start of a 12-month experiment in which proceedings from both houses of Parliament, plus some Select Committees, will be broadcast live over the Web.
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Adobe chief threatens to abandon Asia over piracy

Adobe Systems Inc last week threatened to stop supporting Chinese language versions of its software because of persistent pirating of its products in China and other Asian markets. The threat was made by Adobe's CEO Bruce Chizen in an interview with the Hong Kong English language newspaper, the South China Morning Post. In …

Sprint CEO promises mid year 3G US roll out

Starting what is likely to be the long, long run up to the delivery of third generation mobile services in the US, Sprint Corp CEO Bill Esrey last week pledged at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, that his Kansas City, Missouri-based company will be the first to launch full 3G services in the summer. "We're going …
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NTL to offer wholesale broadband?

NTL is toying with the idea of offering wholesale broadband services over its cable network to other operators.
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Jailbirds remember porridge online

The craze for reunion Web sites has taken a new twist following the creation of a site dedicated to re-uniting old jailbirds.
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Hynix to re-open Oregon plant

Hynix, the debt-ridden Korean memory manufacturer, is to re-open its Oregon DRAM plant this week, mothballed since last summer. The factory has been rekitted to make 256Mb DRAM - previously it made 64Mb parts.
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Ministry of Defence loses 594 laptops

Almost 600 laptops have been misplaced or stolen from Britain's Ministry of Defence over the last five years, the government has admitted.
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MS Windows Update suffers multi-day outage

Microsoft's Windows Update site has been experiencing severe problems in the past week, and numerous users have been unable to access the site. According to several people who've contacted The Register, problems began on Thursday and carried on through Friday. Over the weekend it does seem to have been possible to access the site, but they report that it was unreliable.
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Korea migrates 120K civil servants to Linux desktop

The Korean government is to buy 120,000 copies of Hancom Linux Deluxe this year, enough to switch 23 per cent of its installed base Microsoft user to open source equivalents.
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RC2 Win2k USB 2.0 drivers leak

Microsoft produced Release Candidate 2 of the USB 2.0 drivers for Windows 2000 late on Friday, and they promptly leaked to littlewhitedog.com and Digital Silence. There is as yet no word on when finished drivers will be available, although finished WinXP drivers themselves leaked two weeks ago, and are also downloadable via Intel, and Microsoft's hotfix FTP site.
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E-sales jump at GUS

GUS, owner of Argos, is the latest UK high street retailer to report a good December quarter. The mass marketer also did well on the ecommerce front, today reporting Q3 sales of &163;48m, two-thirds up on the same period in 2000.
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Let's talk about .me.uk

More than 1,300 domain names have been snapped up this morning following today's launch of the .me.uk suffix.
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BT botches 3,500 email accounts

BT has apologised for losing emails belonging to 3,500 customers.
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Help! I can't cancel my sex site subs (Part 2)

Troubled billing processor iBill has again been forced to take its customer database offline, risking excess credit card charges for subscribers to thousands of adult web sites.
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.NET virus is .NOT – Microsoft

Last week, antivirus vendors exposed Donut, supposedly the world's first .Net virus. Only it isn't a. NET virus, Microsoft argues.