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Googol AIMSearch blossoms

There's a limit on how much you can explain a gag without ruining it, and our skimpy details on the wonderful AIM Search prank yesterday were intentionally open-ended.

Jabber Inc frees IM add-ons

Jabber Inc, the commercial software house that employs many of the software libre Jabber IM developers, has released new proprietary server extensions in open source form.
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Server sales down 20% in 2001, may be up in 2002 – IDC

The server analysts at International Data Corp held a conference call with its key customers yesterday to discuss the bloodbath that was the 2001 server market and to forecast what the future server market might look like over the next year -Timothy Prickett-Morgan writes. While the people who attended the call were told …
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Vodafone enters m-payment arena

Vodafone Group Plc yesterday announced trials of a mobile payment system which will allow customers in Germany, Italy and the UK to pay for goods and services using their mobile handset as ID. The Newbury, UK-based mobile operator is not the first telco to experiment with turning a handset into an electronic purse or …
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AOL shadows Microsoft on instant alerts

The web services skirmish between America Online Inc (AOL) and Microsoft Corp continued yesterday, as the service provider launched a set of real-time alerts that extend to mobile devices and mirror Redmond's own .NET Alerts system. Dulles, Virginia-based AOL yesterday took the wraps off AOL Alerts - a set of real-time …
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Europeans e-shop till they drop

The UK and Germany accounted for almost two thirds of all visits to retail Web sites in Europe last month, according to Jupiter MMXI.
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Naked at the Moscone: the MacWorld Expo Round-Up

MacWorld Expo is like a naturist's semi-annual holiday trip to the nudist camp. All year you're poked and teased for your weird habit. You suffer: the shelves of CompUSA are filled with nothing but Windows stuff, except for that bit under the stairs marked "Freaks".
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Anti-anthrax kit fries flash cards, chips

Anthrax scares may have stimulated the use of email, but snail mail is inadvertently hitting back at IT by frying chips. According to John Schwartz in today's New York Times (registration required), the irradiation machinery being used by the US mail to zap anthrax spores can destroy chips, and in one case has allegedly set the mail on fire.
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Students hit by new reunion site

A copycat reunion Web site has been launched in the UK to take advantage of the apparent obsession with nostalgia and the craze of people getting in touch with long lost friends.
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Software firewall vendors under sales pressure

The European firewall market is expanding strongly but in transition as sales of appliances eclipse those of software for the first time.
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Seagate sells an awful lot of HDDs

Seagate flogged 14.6 million hard disk drives (HDDs) in the December quarter (its Q2), a record for the company. Sales were $1.741bn and net income was $122m.
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Genealogy more popular than sex, anthrax beats WinXP

Genealogy has become more popular than sex, according to Altavista's top ten search terms list for this week. The UK Public Records Office, which was forced to shut down its 1901 census site earlier this week after being deluged by vast waves of ancestor-seekers, will not be at all surprised by this news, and Altavista's PR people have eagerly seized on the event to stage a desperate bid for publicity.
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Is your son a computer hacker?

OK, we give in: if we tell you how you can find out whether your son is a computer hacker, promise us in turn that you'll stop submitting us the original article.

VoIP enters the mainstream

IP telephony is becoming a viable proposition for mainstream enterprise users, according to Cisco Systems, which says recent customer wins and market research demonstrate its leadership in the market.
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YouthNet buys Web agony aunt with lottery cash

Web-based youth charity YouthNet UK is to use a £850,000 grant from the National Lottery to set up an interactive advice service.
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Gigger worm can format Windows PCs

Gigger, a new JavaScript-based virus, has escaped into the wild. It attempts to delete files from a computer and format user's disk drive on restart and antivirus vendors are characterising it as high-risk.
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UK fails to make the most of open source

UK firms are failing to exploit open source software as much as they might because of uncertainty about its business benefits.
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Seattlement terms nixed by Judge

A district court judge has rejected Microsoft's proposed settlement in the private law suits brought against the company.