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‘Punish software makers for bad security’ – NAS

Congress should make it easier to punish companies that produce insecure software that puts business and consumers at risk, a panel assembled by the prestigious National Academy of Sciences (NAS) said Tuesday. "Policy makers should consider legislative responses to the failure of existing incentives to cause the market to …
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AOL buddy-hole fix has backdoor

A member of w00w00, the security enthusiasts who first reported the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) games request vulnerability, has alerted users that a fix the group recommends has its own backdoor.
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Centrica buys iomart broadband ops

Scottish ISP iomart has sold its broadband business to Centrica for £2 million.

User fury as Sun puts x86 Solaris to sleep

Sun is putting the Intel version of its Solaris Unix OS in the deep freeze, citing support and development costs as the reason. There won't be an x86 version of Solaris version 9 this year, but Sun will support existing versions for seven years, Solaris marketing director Graham Lovell told IDGyesterday. More charitably - or gullibly if you're being cruel - CNet interpreted the same news as a "delay".
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IBM outsources Netvista PC production

IBM, the creator of the industry standard PC, is to stop making desktop computers, handing over production of Netvistas in US and Europe to Sanmina-SCI.
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Fujitsu Siemens to pre-load Tiscali on PCs

Fujitsu Siemens will pre-load Tiscali Internet access on all consumer PCs in the 14 European countries in which the ISP operates. Financial terms are undisclosed.

Mobile phone thefts hit kids

School kids are five times more likely to be victims of mobile phone thefts than adults, according to a Home Office report.
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Moody's downgrades Gateway credit status

Moody's has downgraded its credit assessment of Gateway to junk status, following worse than expected Q4 sales reported by the pan-US PC maker.
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DRAM recovery means higher PC prices -Time

The modest rebound in memory prices will mean higher prices for home PCs, according to Time Computers.
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UK to follow broadband lead of S Korea – Hewitt

There's confusion today over whether Britain should follow South Korea and use Government money to finance the deployment of broadband.
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One.Tel to rebrand iomart DSL service

Discount telco One.Tel believes it will be a major ADSL provider within the next five years following Centrica's £2 million acquisition of iomart's broadband business.
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Kodak discount camera fiasco

The latest internet fiasco involving Kodak.com taking orders for discount cameras at £100, realising their mistake and then cancelling those orders, leaves customers stranded in a legal minefield.
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Hush – do you want to store a secret?

Hush Communications has introduced an online service for secure personal storage based on encryption technology.
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iPlanet security flaws unmasked

A pair of vulnerabilities on widely-used Web server software from iPlanet has been uncovered.
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Google calls time on AIMSearch prank

Google's legal department has put a stop to a subversive web prank that makes a point about our loss of Internet privacy.
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WWW patent threat lawyers are not talking

The law firm representing web patent opportunist UDTL put out a press release today ... to say it won't talk to press.